Best Day

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.

Dear Mom,
For the past 28 years, I have been blessed to call you "Mom".  You have been and are everything to me.  You were the person I cried to when I was terrified of the dogs and cats that roamed around the apartments.  You were the one who took me to Albuquerque to spend fun days filled with watching movies and going out to eat.  You were the one who taught me to drive on the back roads of Vaughn in our green car.  You were the one I called every day when I went off to college because I was homesick.  You were the one who had to deal with my "tantrums" after my eye surgery when I had to lay in that contraption and put drops in my eye every hour.  You were the one I called when I met a guy from Alaska.  You (and Dad) were the one who walked me down the aisle to marry that guy from Alaska.  You were the first person I called when I found out I was going to be a mom.  You are the first person I call when I have questions about being a mom.  You're the first person I call, because you have been the best mom I could ever ask for, and I'm lucky.  THANK YOU.

I love you!!

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