My cousin, Cassi, had her first baby last night!  It's crazy to think about, because I remember when she was 7 and I was 11.  She loved the Olsen Twins, which family members love to remind her about every chance they get. :)  Her family once gave me a Babysitters Club book for Christmas, and it was a book where you could pull out the letters to read.  I had to have read that book hundreds of times.  It came with a necklace that had two pieces to it, and I gave one to her.  Then all of a sudden I was helping to plan her bachelorette party and stand in her wedding.  How the 7 year old went to being a mommy so quickly is beyond me! 

Ella Ghent Valenzuela
May 16, 2011
6 lbs 12 oz

Maybe for Ella's first birthday the Tenorio Clan can start showing her with Mary-Kate and Ashley videos. :) 
Max, Jax, and Ella.....I see trouble in their futures.  Maybe it's trouble in our futures. :)

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