I Do What I Want

We had paper towels on the floor because Max has a major case of projectile vomit.  We forgot to put the paper towels on the table, and little man found them.  :)

Max fell asleep in his "sofa" and how he slept like this, I don't know!!

Quick Max Facts:
-Max can take off crawling from a sitting position.  Also after he's crawled for awhile he can go into the sitting position.  We were pretty excited about this!!
-Waving.  Every once in awhile he'll wave at you.  Today Ian was mowing the lawn and stopped to wave at Max, and Max waved back at him!  It was too cute!
-When Max pulls himself up on the couch, he'll shuffle his way to who ever is sitting on the couch.
-He has discovered our dvd collection.  Yikes! 

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