I See You!!


Max is a nonstop moving machine.  He is all over the place exploring everything!  It's so fun to watch him learn to do something for the first time.  I mentioned before that he's been pulling himself up.  He'll pull himself up on the couch, chair, Ian when he's laying on the floor.  Anything that is higher than Max, he'll grab with his tiny hands and up he'll go!! 

Hi Mommy!  I'm going to get you!

I just have to pull myself up....

I see you.....

Yay!  I got you!!

Max Facts:
-I need to purchase a raincoat for bath time because Max splashes like crazy!!!  I use to think it was cute, and oh so fun, but getting drenched isn't how I want to spend bath time!
-Max is trying new foods.  Just because he's trying new foods though doesn't mean he likes them!  We have a gagger on our hands.  This past week he has tried diced apples that pretty much fall apart in your mouth.  (yes I tried them)  He did his gag with disgusted shiver.  I have to get this on video, because it's hilarious!! 
-I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but Max also likes to pull people's hair.  He usually pulls mine, and let me tell you he has a grip.  This is why I pretty much wear my hair in a ponytail all the time.  He also loves to pull little kids hair.  If you crawl near him, watch out!!  We'll be seeing family in June, and all I have to say is you've been warned ladies!

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