Lazy Day

This weekend was a pretty relaxing weekend.  Saturday we had a lazy day and stayed in our pjs for most of the day.  When we finally decided to get ready we went to Toy R Us/Babies R Us.  We bought Max a convertible carseat. It's so nice, and he's going to be so comfy now!  We also bought him a couple toys. :)  We bought him this dog, Scout, that sings and talks to him.  You can personalize it, so he says Max's name.  It's super cute, and Max gets so excited when you push any of Scout's paws.  He also crawled away with a couple Baby Einstein videos, and a basketball hoop. (His daddy was soooo excited about this.)  Granted, Max can't walk yet, but when he does the first thing he'll learn to do is dunk on his hoop. :)

I let Max feed himself. :)


Max playing with his daddy's basketball.

Max and Scout

Max was rolling a golf ball with his Daddy.

Which hand is the golf ball in?

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