My First Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day I thank my Mom for being my Mom.  I never realized everything she has done and continues to do though until I became a mom.  Now Mother's Day has an entirely new meaning for me.  It makes me appreciate my Mom (and all mamas out there for all that they do) so much more. 

Last year I was pregnant with Max.  Ian had gotten me a mama to be card and we took a road trip to Coronado Island.  It was a perfect weekend.  This year was just as perfect if not more because I got to celebrate the special day with both Ian and Max.  It started off with waking up to a happy Max. (Always a good way to wake up!)  Max and I played with his toys for a good two hours before he was ready for his morning nap.  We had tons of fun and were giggling up a storm.  When he woke up from his nap him and Ian gave me a card with goodies inside, and a coupon book.   Max even wrote me his own message in the card!  He can't spell very well, but I'll work on that with him. ;)  Later during the day we went and had a late lunch at The Keg.  Awesome restaurant, and the food was delicious!!  They were also giving a $25 gift card to moms for the next visit!!  We will be going back!

It was an amazing day to spend with my two favorite boys.  <3
My happy baby :)

Card from my parents and siblings <3
From my two favorite boys <3
Max's message to me :)
The coupon book is full of great coupons that I will
definitely be putting to use!

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