I've been giving Max a variety of baby foods.  Remember, Max loves him some sweet potatoes, carrots and corn, and any fruit imaginable.  Well....I tried spaghetti with beef sauce yesterday.  First bite=scream/cry! (Max language- How can you feed me this?!)  Second try=spazzing shake with disgusted look (Is this even food mommy?!) Third try= gag and spitting the red food all over his white onesie (You're making me eat this gross food, so I'll spit it out. Ha!)  I am of course laughing, even though I probably shouldn't, but it's too funny.  His reactions are priceless.   I tried the food to make sure it wasn't as gross as he was making it out to be, and it was that bad.  Just a little bland.   Max is a little dramatic.  :)  I ended up feeding him bananas.  The first spoon he wouldn't even open his mouth. Poor guy was scared. I had to force the spoon in his mouth so he could see that it wasn't what I was feeding him before.  When he realized that it was sweet goodness, he was okay.

The past few days Max has also been testing us and our discipline skills.  He's 8 months, what trouble could the little guy get into?  He LOVES cords!  Anytime he is near the couch he army crawls fast to get to the cords.   The first time we told him "No."...I think it sounded too nice, because he tried his hardest to reach for the cords.  We said "NO." with more force, but some giggles because Max is just too cute.  He of course knows this, and looked at us and gave us a giggle of his own.  The third time he reached for the cords we said "NOOOO Max you can't play with the cords!"  It was very mean like, and Ian even gave his hand a pat and he turned him away from the cords.  Lucky for us Max gets easily distracted by his thousands of toys, so he crawled to play.

He also LOVES pulling the blinds while he's sitting in his highchair.  I've told him the repeated "Nos" and even talked to him and tried to reason with him and this behavior of blind pulling.  He just looks at me with that cute, chubby face...smiles, and reaches for the blinds.  Fail!  So, I turned his highchair away from the blinds. Problem solved!!

Max is also learning to pull himself up whether it be the couch, crib, rocking chair, etc.  If he can get a grip, he'll be standing.  Today at daycare he pulled himself up on the shelf where they have the toys.  He ended up falling down and hitting his face on a toy. :(  He definitely has a little bump going on.  The first of many....

His cry worthy bump from trying to stand like a big boy. :(

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