In 10 days, (TEN!) I will be a SAHM for the summer!!!  I am so excited, and cannot wait!  I may be biased, but who wouldn't want to spend all their time with this little guy?

When Max sees us with our phones out, whether it be to record him or take his picture, he'll stop and just look at you.  I guess he's posing.  Hmm..maybe we have a model on our hands.  Last night Max was such the show off.  He has these squishy blocks that he loves to play with.   He started holding it up in the air, and then throwing (dropping) it on the floor.  Then he would put his hands in the air and cheer.  Ian and I were laughing, so he'd do it over and over again. 

He's also a little jokester at bedtime.  My plan was to keep him in bed until he fell asleep and then I'd move him to his bed.  (every time I would lay him down, he'd wake up and cry)  So there he is wide awake laying with us, and he starts babbling away.  Ian and I tried so hard not to laugh, but it was so cute! 

He has his cough back...I guess it never really goes away though.  I was reading up on his coughing on one of the parent websites I go to, and it mentioned allergies.  He has has the watery eyes, and runny nose.  He has his 9 month appointment on Friday, so we plan on bringing this up to his doc.  Poor guy has been a coughing machine with a faucet of a runny nose. 

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