You've been warned by the title.  This post is not for those who can't handle reading about vomit, but not just any vomit, projectile vomit.  If you like reading about vomit...well that's just grossly weird.  So let's get to the story.  This week has been blah.  Ian has been sick, I have strep (thanks to the mother who is sending her child sick to school.  She told me she sent her daughter to school with a fever.  THANK YOU!), and Max is of course sick...with a stomach bug. 

I picked up Max from daycare and the little guy napped for about 2 hours when we got home.  He doesn't nap well at daycare.  There's too much action going on and all the toys.  Who wants to sleep?  When he woke up I put him in his highchair and gave him some mum-mum crackers.  These are his fav.  I also attempted to feed him a scrambled egg.  Fail.  This boy is going to be a picky eater.   I think he's taking after his Uncle Antonio who didn't like to try new foods.  We would make trying new food like Fear Factor or bribe him with $$.  I gave Max a tiny piece of egg.  The kid threw up right after!  Blah, it went all over his highchair and him. (He was also fresh and clean from a bath)  I gave him another bath and then some pedialyte.  About 30 minutes later he threw up again! 

I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll get to the point.  We ended up taking Max to the ER because he was freaking us out!  The doctor there wasn't worried, and made his projectile vomiting not sound like a big deal.  (He has never thrown up quite like this, for that long, with those colors so we freaked!)  The doc even said that they don't start worrying until they have been throwing up for 3 days...umm...3 days?!  It was 3 hours when we left for the hospital.  Aww but the trip there made me think of the last time we took that trip.  I was in labor with Max. <3 

Sorry if I grossed you out, but sometimes mommyhood has some gross moments.  :)

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