The Big 1-0!

Max is 10 months today!!  In 2 months he'll be ONE!!!  My little baby is growing too fast! :( It seems like just yesterday he was placed in my arms and now is a rowdy 10 month old.  *tear*

Max Facts
-Food-We all know Max loves to have his bottle, but he is now loving solid foods!  Who would have thought from my past posts?  He was from his disgusted shivers/gags to actually enjoying the foods I place in front of him.  He has tried corn, tortellini, and chicken nuggets this past week and has liked them all!  Yes!!  He's also more on a schedule when it comes to feeding, and only 24 oz of formula a day.
-Teeth-He has gone from 2 to 6!  He has the 2 on the bottom and 4 on top.  The 4 on top are all coming in at once, so he has been a bit fussy. 
-Messes-Max is an expert at making messes now.  In the morning all his toys will be where they should be, and in about 2.5 seconds he has every toy out.  He does play with them, which is fun to watch, but I have to teach them how to put them back! :)
-Walking-No don't freak out he can't walk yet, but he will walk when holding my hands or his Daddy's hands. We're trying to do more of that, because it's Ian's goal to get him walking this summer.

Beep Beep!

Max loves playing in his tub! :)

Yum this is good Mommy! 

All done! Yay!

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