The Gate

This weekend we made a trip to Babies R Us and purchased a couple of gates for our house to trap Max in the living room!  Max is a crawling machine and is ALL over the house.  I spend most of my time chasing him out of the kitchen or the work room.  He knows he shouldn't go and when we call him, he stops, looks at you, and then crawls away super fast.  So needless to say by the end of the day I am exhausted!!

When we put up the gate, Max thought it was a new toy.  He was so excited and happy about this new thing that he can climb up on!  Now that he's figured out it keeps him out of the kitchen, he's not too happy about it.  He'll also go stand up by it, and throw his pacifier over to the other side.  He's probably thinking, "Ha Mommy, you might keep me out of there, but you'll have to go get my paci!"  I'm a thinker though, and we have about a million pacifiers laying around, so he can throw them over all his wants!

The gate!

This won't stop me Mommy!

I want over there!

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