So on Tuesday night I decided to cut my hair. Before I show you the picture I want you to know I said I wanted it just below by shoulder with layers at the bottom.  The lady does her thing, which isn't what I said, and then asks if I like it.  Umm...no, but what's the use in saying that because she can't put my hair back.   This is the outcome.......

Hmm..I guess here it doesn't look that short, but it feels really short.

Luckily it will grow back!!

Another Winklmann is getting a haircut next week.  Max!!  We are going to get that combover/toupee patch of hair cut!  Ian's barber, who has a son a month or so younger than Max, will be putting his skills to the test.  I think we're both excited about it, because it's another "first" for Max.   :) 

Tuesday (June 14th) is a big day in the Winklmann household.  Ian and I will be celebrating 3 years of marriage!  Yes!!  No mushy, gag worthy comments I swear!  However I may post our wedding song, and him and I might dance to it, and there might be a wedding photo or two, and.....just maybe I might say a few sentences about how I feel about the husband.  I promise you won't roll your eyes and feel like puking. ;)  Until then!!

This is how I roll.

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  1. I love your haircut! You look beautiful, as always!