Max's First Haircut!!

Max got his first haircut yesterday!  He was such a good boy!  I was very impressed with the barber.  He did an excellent job.  Ian held Max facing him the whole time, and the barber worked his magic!  He said that people usually come in with babies from 6 months to a year, so it's not like people don't cut babies hair.
I'm not in any pictures because I was the paparazzi.  :)

Hmm..what is he going to do Daddy?

Do I have to wear this?  I look silly!

Mr. Cool with slicked back hair.

Snip snip!

I'm not sure about this haircut....

Ah! You cut how much off?!

Almost done!

I look good!


After the haircut Max got a certificate that had his long curl taped to it.  It also said that he's out of the babyhood with his haircut, and really he doesn't look like a baby anymore.  He's a little boy, which makes me a little sad because he's growing so fast.  It also makes me excited for what's to come with Max.  <3

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