New Phase?

Don't let the pictures I post fool you.  Max may look all happy, but let me tell you he's been FUSSY!!  After I posted about Mr. Fussy Pants himself, that night he stayed up until 3:00 AM crying up a storm.  We watched Barney, and he calmed down for awhile, but then he'd go back to crying.  We thought it was him teething, but we're thinking maybe it was his tummy.  I was at my wits end though and I think Max sensed this, because once Ian took him from me he calmed down and fell asleep.  :(    Last night Max stayed awake until 11:30 and cried a little bit.  He was really tired though, and fighting sleep.  I hope this isn't a new phase, because it hasn't been fun. 

Max has been going to daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays for half days.  He missed all his friends especially Zerian who is Max's BFF.  He also loves his teachers, which is so nice to see.  I drop him off and he's all smiles and waves goodbye.  Then when I go pick him up, he's usually playing and doesn't even notice I'm there.  I love those moments of just watching him play. 

This morning after I dropped him off, I went and got my first ever passport!  I was kinda worried it was going to take along time because it took Ian almost 2 hours.  I went in at 9:15 and was out before 9:45!!  It was so quick!  I'm pretty excited about having a passport.  :)  At the end of July we're going to Washington to go to a friend's wedding.  When we fly in our friends, Spencer and Brenda, are picking us up and taking us back to their house, which happens to be in Canada!  I'm so excited!!!  (If you can't tell) 

Sad thought...I only have about 4 1/2 weeks of summer vacation left before I go back to work.  :( 

-Max Facts-
~Peas- When trying the baby food puree of peas Max gagged and just about threw-up.  When he tried peas yesterday he LOVED them!  I think he liked that fact that they were like little balls and easy to pick up.  He also discovered that if you bring your hand down fast you can smash them.  Umm...this was something I wasn't too happy about...I had quite a bit of smashed peas to clean up.  Ha!
~Bath time- It's more like let's stand up in the bath time.  Playing with bath toys is so yesterday.  Playing with the shower curtain, standing and banging on the tub, grabbing the shampoo and conditioner is what's fun!
~Tags-Max LOVES tags.  We went to Ross a couple weeks ago and he was in tag heaven.  The aisles are close together so he was grabbing at all the clothes and managed to take off one of the tags....and eat it!  It's like he has a tag radar.  If there's one near by, he'll find it!

-Mommy Facts-
~Running- so I can now run 2 miles without feeling like I'm going to die.  By the end of July I'm hoping to be able to run at least 4 miles without stopping.  My half marathon isn't until Nov., so I still have plenty of time.  I'm determined to run all 13.1 miles. 
~Dr. appts- I have an eye doctor appointment coming up in July...which makes me nervous.  I just want the doc to tell me my eyes are a-ok with no inflammation.  (Crossing my fingers)
~Baby weight- sucks.  The way I feel about women who had no morning sickness and the perfect pregnancy is the same way I feel about women who have their baby and are back to their normal weight in like 2 weeks.  Gag me. 

Until next time...hopefully I'll have a less fussy baby and a little less baby weight.  Haha!!  :)

Daddy put gel in my hair!

Drinking from my sippy cup, because that's what I do.


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