This is the year of girls.  It's July and already 3 baby girls have been born into my family!!  My cousin, Gloria, just welcomed her 4th child!  Miss Peighton decided she couldn't wait to  meet her mommy and daddy so she came early.   If you can't tell, she's already an Alabama fan!  Roll tide roll!

Peighton Tiffany Riley
July 21, 2011
 born at 11:20pm
 5lbs 3 oz 17 inches long

Pillow Fight

Oh Max....yesterday he was standing up by speaker that's on the floor.  He stands there all the time and sometime attempts to push buttons on our dvr.  Yesterday though he sat down, and he must have come down hard because he bit his lip.  Hard.  He started to cry and I looked at him, and blood was oozing out of his mouth!!  Ok, I freaked out!  Blood was coming out of my baby's mouth!  He only cried for like 2.5 seconds (the time it took me to get to him) and he let me clean him up.  Then he chewed on a frozen teether for awhile.  So sad.

That feels good on my lip.

Still a happy camper, but his lip is a little swollen. :(

Today Max decided he had enough of a pillow.  It was on a chair, and he attacked it!  He took it off the chair, threw it on the ground, and body slammed it!  Talk about a pillow fight!  Pillow - 0, Max - 1.

I got you pillow!

Stop taking my seat!

I'll give you the baby pinch!

Ahhh!! Take that!

Ohh...what's Mickey doing?


To Party or Not To Party?

The big question....Does a 1 year old need a birthday party?  Hmmm....honestly I don't know.  August 20th is a BIG day, so why not celebrate?  I know Max is going to be 1 (ahhhh!), he's not going to remember the celebration we have planned, and he only has like 2 baby friends who will be at the party, but we have still decided to have a party!  Probably more so for the adults, but Max will be the reason for the festive celebration!

Planning the party has been a little stressful.  He was born in August and we live in AZ....it's flippin' hot!  So I don't think I have to explain why we won't be outside.  What do you do at a 1 year old's bday party with mostly adults?  Drink?  Play games?  Stare at Max?  I think Google will be my favorite website for the next few weeks so that I can find answers to these questions. 

Here is the main theme for Max's bday.  It's called Sweet Safari.

I'm focusing more on the "sweet" when it comes to the treats and party favors.  I'm pretty excited about it, and my inner Betty Crocker (or Giada) will come out!  I'm determined to perfect the multicolored cupcakes.  Ian's coworkers might be sick of cupcakes by the time Max's bday rolls around.  I make the goods, and he takes to work.  :)  They can expect more on Monday.

I know I've been blogging up a storm, but I've had a lot to share.  Once I go back to work (boo!) the updates won't be so frequent.  I've really loved staying home with Max this summer.  I'm so jealous of those moms who get to stay home.  One day. :)

Mommy we both don't fit in the cart.

Can I take this home?

Update:  I made the cupcakes last night at 11:30....
I keep expecting the colors to be darker/brighter.  I'm
going to have to go to Michael's/Hobby Lobby and buy different dye.

One's missing because it's the one I cut open.

Not too shabby.....

What A Suite Night

Yesterday was full of adventures!  Well two really, but they were great adventures.  Max and I had lunch with my friend Katie.  Max started off a little unsure of this person who was sitting with us, but eventually warmed up.  :)  He so enjoyed eating his cheerios and looking around at other people.  Yup, you guessed it....girls!  Oy!  I ordered him a kids meal, and I wasn't impressed.  It looked kinda sad.  I should have taken a picture, but my paparazzi radar isn't always on, and so I didn't think about it...until now.  Having lunch with Katie was so nice, and I loved catching up with her.  I was telling her I need to be better at balancing my social life and being a mommy.  I haven't quite figured it out yet......

Last night we went to a DBacks game where we watched the game from a suite.  It was pretty sweet. :)  I have to tell you it was so much nicer watching the game (or lack of watching the game) from the suite with Max who is a mobile monster.  He had all this room to move around.  He was getting attention from all sorts of people, so naturally he loved it.  Max had to say goodbye to one of Ian's coworkers/awesome friend, Goodheart.  Who may read this blog and decide to finally like it...can you believe he gives other guys in Ian's office a hard time for reading this?  Umm...hello Goodheart, my blog is awesome!  Back to the goodbye....we all said goodbye because Goodheart got a job with the Nashville Predators, and so The Legend must take his ticket selling skills to Tennessee.  Sad.

All in all, yesterday Max and I had some pretty good adventures in mommyhood. 

We went to have drink before the game
and this was on the Kid's Menu.

Max loves Mickey!  We watch him every morning. 


I love my little man.


11 Months!!

Today Max is 11 months!  I didn't even realize it until Ian came home and mentioned today's date.  I say this every month, but I can't believe how fast time goes by. 

Max Facts
-Max talks more and more these days.  He tries to mimic us and the words we say.  I swear he'll say "done" when he's done with his bath or eating food.  
-He's becoming more adventurous and standing up on his own more and more. 
-He had his first kids meal from Chili's the other night, and it lasted for 4 meals! 
-Biting....this boy likes to bite!  What you may ask?  My toes!  I don't let him because 1) it hurts and 2) that's gross!
-Next week Max will be taking a trip to Washington for a friend's wedding and he will be meeting important people for the first time!  Oh and he'll be going to a place called....Canada!  AND he'll get to see his Pap-pap!! 

Bad Mom

So.......I locked us out of the house AGAIN!  Who does that?  Twice in the past 5 days!  It was 100 degrees out, and it wasn't fun.  I called Ian in tears, and he had to come save the day (again).  Poor Max started to get all sweaty.  He was a hot mess. :(  We had to make the best of a crappy situation, so Max had a grand ole' time playing with things in the car. 


Can I drive Mommy? 
Maybe these maps will tell us where we
 should go to get more keys made...... 
Really Mommy?  Again? 
Let's shut the garage door and
 keep the heat outside! 
Too bad I can't listen to my cd. 
Let me get a pen for you Mommy
to write a note to remind you to get your keys! 
Will this sun shade help?

The one errand I have for today: Get keys made so this doesn't happen again!


Kleenex Anyone?

Max was playing right next to me, and being awfully quiet.  I look down at him, and he was in the process of taking one Kleenex out at a time.  When he was caught, he smiled and tried to hand me some.  Little stinker!


This morning Max was chugging away on his bottle and I looked down at him.   His little pinky was up in the air.  Ha!  I tend to do that when I'm drinking from a bottle too...bottle of water that is. ;)   This  made me giggle.  Maybe we'll share a cup of tea and raise our pinkies!

Yesterday Max had a good day.  He played with his toys, napped, ate some corn and chicken tenders, played with toys some more, napped, and then went on a road trip to Daddy's work.   This mommy needed some girl time.  My friend, Melanie, and I had a pedicure date.  I have only had one pedicure before, and I just about died!  I can't stand the rubbing of my feet, it tickles.  You should have seen me yesterday.  Mel was trying to distract me with great conversation while the lady was working her magic on my feet, but really I wanted to kick the lady.  Maybe as I have more done, it won't tickle so much.....maybe.  

While we were getting our nails done, a haboob happened!  Talk about scary weather!   Ian drove through it with Max.  He was trying to teach Max to say "haboob".  Ummm if that's his first word after "mama" and "dada", we will have a problem.  Could you just picture him walking around saying, "haboob!"  with a bottle or sippy cup in his hand, with his pinky in the air??  :)

Haboob....incase you were wondering......


Sunday Funday

Max has had a day full of playing.....


Betty Crocker

Today was a rough day, and by rough day I mean a crying baby all day.  I joined in on the crying when it was like 4:00 and Max hadn't napped once.  When he finally fell asleep it was a break for us both.  :( Sad..... when he woke up from his nap though he was the happy boy we all know him to be!  I was in the mood to bake, so we were going to venture to our fav store.  We get into the garage and I locked us out of the house!  Luckily Ian was only about 15 mins away so he came and saved the day!

We went to Target and I bought the goods that I needed.  I was attempting to be Betty Crocker and make a practice run of cupcakes for Max's bday.  I had seen these cool cupcakes that were different colors and topped with candy.  Those who know me, know that I am not Betty Crocker by any means.  I'm not a fan of baking, but when I'm in the mood to bake, I actually find it fun.  I just hate cleaning up afterwards. :) 

I colored the batter different shades of blue.  It was suppose to be 3 different colors.  They came out one color.  Pretty color, but not what I had envisioned.  I frosted and decorated with a Twizzler.  They only had yellow and pink, so I had to work with what I had.  Of course for Max's bday there will be no pink.  ;)  I think I'll also add sprinkles to the top to give it more umph.  Or I'll do something totally different.  We'll see....

Ready to begin!

Differerent shades of blue....

One shade of blue. 
I'd say my first attempt was okay.  I have until Aug. 20th to perfect them. ;)


Monkeying Around

Max and I had a rough start to our day.  Max was up this morning around 1:30.  He was a crying, red faced, upset baby.  He was pulling on his right ear, which he'd been doing a couple days, so we thought he had an earache.  I finally got him to sleep around 4, but he was up for the day around 7:30.  I, however, was not ready for the day.  Luckily his saucer kept him busy for about 30 minutes, and I grabbed a quick morning nap. 

I made Max a dr appt for 5:00 today.  We had major time to kill so what did we do?  Shop!  We went to Target.  A place that both of us LOVE.  Max will not ride in the cart the way he's suppose to for that long.  He eventually ends up facing backwards (still buckled) on his knees blabbing away to strangers.  Today he stopped a cougar and had her chatting it up with him.  He charmed her with the fact that he only had one shoe on and a big happy grin on his face.  Oh this boy.....

We went to the doctor and he charmed the lady at the front desk, so much so that he got an invitation to go to her house to play with her son.  He's 10 months old as well.  I will have you know, there will be no playdate, and I have to teach Max "Stranger Danger".   The doc saw us and let us know that Max's ears are perfect.  No earache.  She said the crying must be because of teething.  If only all his teeth would come in at once and then all the pain would be done and over with....imagine that?  A baby with a full set of teeth. Ha!  That would be funny!

Our day continued with a trip to Party City.  Max turns the big O-N-E next month.  We went to look at decorations and what not.  Well Ian found a monkey mask and decided to put it on.  He called me over to see Max's reaction. Max had just seen The Backyardigans and was super excited.   When Ian turned around with that mask on, Max just about pooped his diaper!  He was so scared.  The look on his face was pure fright.  It wasn't the reaction we were expecting.  Ian quickly took off the mask, but Max was still scared.  Poor kid...I think he's traumatized now.  Monkey theme party will not be in Max's near future, and hopefully no monkey nightmares......

I can see so much better this way Mommy!

Do you like my hat?


Fan Fest

This weekend was a first for both Max and myself.  It was our first time spending the night away from each other.  I went to Colorado  to visit my BFF Jenn, who was having her babyshower.  So Max spent the weekend with his Daddy.  Ian wants to blog and call it Adventures in Daddyhood.  :) 

Colorado was awesome.  The weather was a cool 72 degrees and it was so green!  I loved it!  Spending time with Jenn was just what this girl needed.  I was in need of some BFF time.  She is due in August, and looks lovely.  I can't wait to meet little Aly! 

When I came back to AZ we went straight to the MLB Fan Fest.  It was a lot of fun!  We got our own baseball card made which was really cool.  We held a baseball bat and Max grabbed the bat.  This kid is a natural when it comes to having his  picture taken.  We also went to the Celebrity Baseball Game, where Max befriended one of the ushers there.  He was giggling up a storm and smiling at her.  His charm helped us to sit at the top of the first level.  We had the stroller so it was really nice.  I loved the celebrity game because one of the celebrities playing was from the show Brothers and Sisters, which I LOVE.  Aww...fun times! 

Yesterday we went to the Home Run Derby.  We were in the spot where the balls were going...umm I was more freaked out then excited to see those home runs heading our way.  I told Ian if one comes our way, I'm sitting down and shielding Max!!  Some came towards our way, but no luck in catching any.  Max was his normal charming self and was flirting it up with the girl sitting next to us.  If this is a glimpse as what's to come in the far future, we're going to be in trouble!!

He's really tall Daddy!

Do you want to be friends?

I can catch the ball!

Not from fan fest, but Max and I played at the
 park yesterday and he had some major fun!!


4th of July Fun

Our 4th of July Fun started Friday afternoon when Ian got off work.  He suggested we go to NM for 4th of July, which I was all about because I love spending time with family.  We hit the road by 6ish and made it safely there by 12:30.  Max had slept the whole way, so I for sure thought the little guy was going to be awake all night.  Not so...he slept the whole night.  Good boy!!

Saturday: Ian and I got a hotel for the night so that we could all go swimming.  By "we" I mean  Ian, Antonio, and Max.  We also had lunch at Dion's, which is a must when we're in town.  Mmmm...I <3 Dion's and it reminds me of high school.  

Sunday: Birthday party times 3!  My Aunt Teresa hosted a party at her house for Cisco, Gabby, and Diego.  Max had his first taste of cupcake that his great-grandma Grace gave him, and he loved!!  He was always surrounded by family, and he did really well with all the attention.  He was at first shy, but warmed up right away.  It was so fun seeing the Tenorio Clan.  I love being around all of them.  It's funny how I use to be one of the kids that watched all the grown-ups around the table talking and laughing, and now I'm at that table.  :) 

Monday: 4th of July!!  We went out to White Sands where my dad works and went to the pool.  They were having a celebrations with fun activities.  We all got a free shirt, which everyone loves a good freebie!  They had a mini pie eating contest, watermelon relay, and swimming.  Max swam for awhile, but he was in need of a nap, which he finally got once he stopped fighting and gave in to his tiredness.  The whole Clan wasn't there, but a few were. 

Ian and I went on a date and had a lovely dinner.  It always nice to spend some quality time with him, knowing that Max is in good hands.  We need to have more date nights!  After din din we went to a park to watch fireworks.  The Clan was back together, sitting in a circle with large amounts of food (always too much :)) waiting for the fireworks.  When they started, they were beautiful.  Max watched most of the show, but fell asleep for the finale.  I didn't expect any different from him, since he sleeps through most firsts.  :)

Tuesday:  Today was a big day because my little brother started high school!!  I can't believe he's in 9th grade.  Seems like just yesterday he was Max's age.  He's grown up to be a wonderful young man and I'm so proud of him.  He's a great role model for Max.

In the coming weeks I have to face the fact that school will be starting, and I will be venturing into my classroom to set it up.  Fun.....

Side note....today a verdict for Casey Anthony was reached, which I read about on the way back home.  I have to say that I am shocked.  I canNOT believe that a jury found her not guilty of killing her poor little girl, Caylee.  It makes me sick.  A mother worries about their child, not goes out to party.  Come on people!  Ugh, and the fact that her lawyer celebrated a victory...what victory??  A little girl is still dead.   Say a prayer for little Caylee tonight.  :(

Our weekend in pictures:

The end.