11 Months!!

Today Max is 11 months!  I didn't even realize it until Ian came home and mentioned today's date.  I say this every month, but I can't believe how fast time goes by. 

Max Facts
-Max talks more and more these days.  He tries to mimic us and the words we say.  I swear he'll say "done" when he's done with his bath or eating food.  
-He's becoming more adventurous and standing up on his own more and more. 
-He had his first kids meal from Chili's the other night, and it lasted for 4 meals! 
-Biting....this boy likes to bite!  What you may ask?  My toes!  I don't let him because 1) it hurts and 2) that's gross!
-Next week Max will be taking a trip to Washington for a friend's wedding and he will be meeting important people for the first time!  Oh and he'll be going to a place called....Canada!  AND he'll get to see his Pap-pap!! 

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