4th of July Fun

Our 4th of July Fun started Friday afternoon when Ian got off work.  He suggested we go to NM for 4th of July, which I was all about because I love spending time with family.  We hit the road by 6ish and made it safely there by 12:30.  Max had slept the whole way, so I for sure thought the little guy was going to be awake all night.  Not so...he slept the whole night.  Good boy!!

Saturday: Ian and I got a hotel for the night so that we could all go swimming.  By "we" I mean  Ian, Antonio, and Max.  We also had lunch at Dion's, which is a must when we're in town.  Mmmm...I <3 Dion's and it reminds me of high school.  

Sunday: Birthday party times 3!  My Aunt Teresa hosted a party at her house for Cisco, Gabby, and Diego.  Max had his first taste of cupcake that his great-grandma Grace gave him, and he loved!!  He was always surrounded by family, and he did really well with all the attention.  He was at first shy, but warmed up right away.  It was so fun seeing the Tenorio Clan.  I love being around all of them.  It's funny how I use to be one of the kids that watched all the grown-ups around the table talking and laughing, and now I'm at that table.  :) 

Monday: 4th of July!!  We went out to White Sands where my dad works and went to the pool.  They were having a celebrations with fun activities.  We all got a free shirt, which everyone loves a good freebie!  They had a mini pie eating contest, watermelon relay, and swimming.  Max swam for awhile, but he was in need of a nap, which he finally got once he stopped fighting and gave in to his tiredness.  The whole Clan wasn't there, but a few were. 

Ian and I went on a date and had a lovely dinner.  It always nice to spend some quality time with him, knowing that Max is in good hands.  We need to have more date nights!  After din din we went to a park to watch fireworks.  The Clan was back together, sitting in a circle with large amounts of food (always too much :)) waiting for the fireworks.  When they started, they were beautiful.  Max watched most of the show, but fell asleep for the finale.  I didn't expect any different from him, since he sleeps through most firsts.  :)

Tuesday:  Today was a big day because my little brother started high school!!  I can't believe he's in 9th grade.  Seems like just yesterday he was Max's age.  He's grown up to be a wonderful young man and I'm so proud of him.  He's a great role model for Max.

In the coming weeks I have to face the fact that school will be starting, and I will be venturing into my classroom to set it up.  Fun.....

Side note....today a verdict for Casey Anthony was reached, which I read about on the way back home.  I have to say that I am shocked.  I canNOT believe that a jury found her not guilty of killing her poor little girl, Caylee.  It makes me sick.  A mother worries about their child, not goes out to party.  Come on people!  Ugh, and the fact that her lawyer celebrated a victory...what victory??  A little girl is still dead.   Say a prayer for little Caylee tonight.  :(

Our weekend in pictures:

The end.

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