Bad Mom

So.......I locked us out of the house AGAIN!  Who does that?  Twice in the past 5 days!  It was 100 degrees out, and it wasn't fun.  I called Ian in tears, and he had to come save the day (again).  Poor Max started to get all sweaty.  He was a hot mess. :(  We had to make the best of a crappy situation, so Max had a grand ole' time playing with things in the car. 


Can I drive Mommy? 
Maybe these maps will tell us where we
 should go to get more keys made...... 
Really Mommy?  Again? 
Let's shut the garage door and
 keep the heat outside! 
Too bad I can't listen to my cd. 
Let me get a pen for you Mommy
to write a note to remind you to get your keys! 
Will this sun shade help?

The one errand I have for today: Get keys made so this doesn't happen again!

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