Betty Crocker

Today was a rough day, and by rough day I mean a crying baby all day.  I joined in on the crying when it was like 4:00 and Max hadn't napped once.  When he finally fell asleep it was a break for us both.  :( Sad..... when he woke up from his nap though he was the happy boy we all know him to be!  I was in the mood to bake, so we were going to venture to our fav store.  We get into the garage and I locked us out of the house!  Luckily Ian was only about 15 mins away so he came and saved the day!

We went to Target and I bought the goods that I needed.  I was attempting to be Betty Crocker and make a practice run of cupcakes for Max's bday.  I had seen these cool cupcakes that were different colors and topped with candy.  Those who know me, know that I am not Betty Crocker by any means.  I'm not a fan of baking, but when I'm in the mood to bake, I actually find it fun.  I just hate cleaning up afterwards. :) 

I colored the batter different shades of blue.  It was suppose to be 3 different colors.  They came out one color.  Pretty color, but not what I had envisioned.  I frosted and decorated with a Twizzler.  They only had yellow and pink, so I had to work with what I had.  Of course for Max's bday there will be no pink.  ;)  I think I'll also add sprinkles to the top to give it more umph.  Or I'll do something totally different.  We'll see....

Ready to begin!

Differerent shades of blue....

One shade of blue. 
I'd say my first attempt was okay.  I have until Aug. 20th to perfect them. ;)

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