Fan Fest

This weekend was a first for both Max and myself.  It was our first time spending the night away from each other.  I went to Colorado  to visit my BFF Jenn, who was having her babyshower.  So Max spent the weekend with his Daddy.  Ian wants to blog and call it Adventures in Daddyhood.  :) 

Colorado was awesome.  The weather was a cool 72 degrees and it was so green!  I loved it!  Spending time with Jenn was just what this girl needed.  I was in need of some BFF time.  She is due in August, and looks lovely.  I can't wait to meet little Aly! 

When I came back to AZ we went straight to the MLB Fan Fest.  It was a lot of fun!  We got our own baseball card made which was really cool.  We held a baseball bat and Max grabbed the bat.  This kid is a natural when it comes to having his  picture taken.  We also went to the Celebrity Baseball Game, where Max befriended one of the ushers there.  He was giggling up a storm and smiling at her.  His charm helped us to sit at the top of the first level.  We had the stroller so it was really nice.  I loved the celebrity game because one of the celebrities playing was from the show Brothers and Sisters, which I LOVE.  Aww...fun times! 

Yesterday we went to the Home Run Derby.  We were in the spot where the balls were going...umm I was more freaked out then excited to see those home runs heading our way.  I told Ian if one comes our way, I'm sitting down and shielding Max!!  Some came towards our way, but no luck in catching any.  Max was his normal charming self and was flirting it up with the girl sitting next to us.  If this is a glimpse as what's to come in the far future, we're going to be in trouble!!

He's really tall Daddy!

Do you want to be friends?

I can catch the ball!

Not from fan fest, but Max and I played at the
 park yesterday and he had some major fun!!

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