This morning Max was chugging away on his bottle and I looked down at him.   His little pinky was up in the air.  Ha!  I tend to do that when I'm drinking from a bottle too...bottle of water that is. ;)   This  made me giggle.  Maybe we'll share a cup of tea and raise our pinkies!

Yesterday Max had a good day.  He played with his toys, napped, ate some corn and chicken tenders, played with toys some more, napped, and then went on a road trip to Daddy's work.   This mommy needed some girl time.  My friend, Melanie, and I had a pedicure date.  I have only had one pedicure before, and I just about died!  I can't stand the rubbing of my feet, it tickles.  You should have seen me yesterday.  Mel was trying to distract me with great conversation while the lady was working her magic on my feet, but really I wanted to kick the lady.  Maybe as I have more done, it won't tickle so much.....maybe.  

While we were getting our nails done, a haboob happened!  Talk about scary weather!   Ian drove through it with Max.  He was trying to teach Max to say "haboob".  Ummm if that's his first word after "mama" and "dada", we will have a problem.  Could you just picture him walking around saying, "haboob!"  with a bottle or sippy cup in his hand, with his pinky in the air??  :)

Haboob....incase you were wondering......

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