Monkeying Around

Max and I had a rough start to our day.  Max was up this morning around 1:30.  He was a crying, red faced, upset baby.  He was pulling on his right ear, which he'd been doing a couple days, so we thought he had an earache.  I finally got him to sleep around 4, but he was up for the day around 7:30.  I, however, was not ready for the day.  Luckily his saucer kept him busy for about 30 minutes, and I grabbed a quick morning nap. 

I made Max a dr appt for 5:00 today.  We had major time to kill so what did we do?  Shop!  We went to Target.  A place that both of us LOVE.  Max will not ride in the cart the way he's suppose to for that long.  He eventually ends up facing backwards (still buckled) on his knees blabbing away to strangers.  Today he stopped a cougar and had her chatting it up with him.  He charmed her with the fact that he only had one shoe on and a big happy grin on his face.  Oh this boy.....

We went to the doctor and he charmed the lady at the front desk, so much so that he got an invitation to go to her house to play with her son.  He's 10 months old as well.  I will have you know, there will be no playdate, and I have to teach Max "Stranger Danger".   The doc saw us and let us know that Max's ears are perfect.  No earache.  She said the crying must be because of teething.  If only all his teeth would come in at once and then all the pain would be done and over with....imagine that?  A baby with a full set of teeth. Ha!  That would be funny!

Our day continued with a trip to Party City.  Max turns the big O-N-E next month.  We went to look at decorations and what not.  Well Ian found a monkey mask and decided to put it on.  He called me over to see Max's reaction. Max had just seen The Backyardigans and was super excited.   When Ian turned around with that mask on, Max just about pooped his diaper!  He was so scared.  The look on his face was pure fright.  It wasn't the reaction we were expecting.  Ian quickly took off the mask, but Max was still scared.  Poor kid...I think he's traumatized now.  Monkey theme party will not be in Max's near future, and hopefully no monkey nightmares......

I can see so much better this way Mommy!

Do you like my hat?

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  1. Kaylee rides the shopping cart the same way! Not when I'm around though because it scares me too much. haha