Pillow Fight

Oh Max....yesterday he was standing up by speaker that's on the floor.  He stands there all the time and sometime attempts to push buttons on our dvr.  Yesterday though he sat down, and he must have come down hard because he bit his lip.  Hard.  He started to cry and I looked at him, and blood was oozing out of his mouth!!  Ok, I freaked out!  Blood was coming out of my baby's mouth!  He only cried for like 2.5 seconds (the time it took me to get to him) and he let me clean him up.  Then he chewed on a frozen teether for awhile.  So sad.

That feels good on my lip.

Still a happy camper, but his lip is a little swollen. :(

Today Max decided he had enough of a pillow.  It was on a chair, and he attacked it!  He took it off the chair, threw it on the ground, and body slammed it!  Talk about a pillow fight!  Pillow - 0, Max - 1.

I got you pillow!

Stop taking my seat!

I'll give you the baby pinch!

Ahhh!! Take that!

Ohh...what's Mickey doing?

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