What A Suite Night

Yesterday was full of adventures!  Well two really, but they were great adventures.  Max and I had lunch with my friend Katie.  Max started off a little unsure of this person who was sitting with us, but eventually warmed up.  :)  He so enjoyed eating his cheerios and looking around at other people.  Yup, you guessed it....girls!  Oy!  I ordered him a kids meal, and I wasn't impressed.  It looked kinda sad.  I should have taken a picture, but my paparazzi radar isn't always on, and so I didn't think about it...until now.  Having lunch with Katie was so nice, and I loved catching up with her.  I was telling her I need to be better at balancing my social life and being a mommy.  I haven't quite figured it out yet......

Last night we went to a DBacks game where we watched the game from a suite.  It was pretty sweet. :)  I have to tell you it was so much nicer watching the game (or lack of watching the game) from the suite with Max who is a mobile monster.  He had all this room to move around.  He was getting attention from all sorts of people, so naturally he loved it.  Max had to say goodbye to one of Ian's coworkers/awesome friend, Goodheart.  Who may read this blog and decide to finally like it...can you believe he gives other guys in Ian's office a hard time for reading this?  Umm...hello Goodheart, my blog is awesome!  Back to the goodbye....we all said goodbye because Goodheart got a job with the Nashville Predators, and so The Legend must take his ticket selling skills to Tennessee.  Sad.

All in all, yesterday Max and I had some pretty good adventures in mommyhood. 

We went to have drink before the game
and this was on the Kid's Menu.

Max loves Mickey!  We watch him every morning. 


I love my little man.

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