To Party or Not To Party?

The big question....Does a 1 year old need a birthday party?  Hmmm....honestly I don't know.  August 20th is a BIG day, so why not celebrate?  I know Max is going to be 1 (ahhhh!), he's not going to remember the celebration we have planned, and he only has like 2 baby friends who will be at the party, but we have still decided to have a party!  Probably more so for the adults, but Max will be the reason for the festive celebration!

Planning the party has been a little stressful.  He was born in August and we live in AZ....it's flippin' hot!  So I don't think I have to explain why we won't be outside.  What do you do at a 1 year old's bday party with mostly adults?  Drink?  Play games?  Stare at Max?  I think Google will be my favorite website for the next few weeks so that I can find answers to these questions. 

Here is the main theme for Max's bday.  It's called Sweet Safari.

I'm focusing more on the "sweet" when it comes to the treats and party favors.  I'm pretty excited about it, and my inner Betty Crocker (or Giada) will come out!  I'm determined to perfect the multicolored cupcakes.  Ian's coworkers might be sick of cupcakes by the time Max's bday rolls around.  I make the goods, and he takes to work.  :)  They can expect more on Monday.

I know I've been blogging up a storm, but I've had a lot to share.  Once I go back to work (boo!) the updates won't be so frequent.  I've really loved staying home with Max this summer.  I'm so jealous of those moms who get to stay home.  One day. :)

Mommy we both don't fit in the cart.

Can I take this home?

Update:  I made the cupcakes last night at 11:30....
I keep expecting the colors to be darker/brighter.  I'm
going to have to go to Michael's/Hobby Lobby and buy different dye.

One's missing because it's the one I cut open.

Not too shabby.....

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