Instant Pick Me Up

Today I was going through my pictures on my phone and found two that are my favorite pictures of Max and me, and Max and his Daddy.  I can't tell you how much I love my little man.  Looking at his face, puts a smile on mine.  If I'm having a bad day or stressed out (which has been every day lately), and I see him, he is an instant pick me up.  My mood changes with the the flash of his smile.  :)

Notice our eyebrows...okay and our cheeks. 
The features he gets from his mama.

Man oh man, I LOVE how Max is looking up at his Daddy.
That's love in his eyes.  Makes my heart melt.


The Big ONE

Last Saturday Max had a p-a-r-t-y!  At first I think he was a little hesitant with all the people, but who were we kidding?  Our boy loved the attention!!

Max loved the balloons!  He loved hitting them around and watching
them fall back towards him.  Super cute to watch. :)

THE final cupcakes!  My mom and sister did the frosting,
and I thought they came out great!  On the ledge behind the sweets
you'll see Max's monthly pictures.  Also on the table are Monster
Cookies that my Aunt Diana made.  Yum-O!

This is good stuff Mommy and Daddy!!

Hmm..what's in the bag?

This is the best present!

What does the turtle do Daddy?

Loved this gift!  Max doesn't seem
too impressed, but he'll love it
when football season starts.  He
just doesn't know yet. ;)

This book makes sounds? Cool Daddy!

I get my own keys?

Ohh...I like this!


Daddy and Mommy you got me what?! 
Now I can basketball like Daddy!

This is a cool horsey!  Thank you
Auntie Nicole and Uncle Cleo!

Max's birthday came and went.  So sad.  I loved having my family and friends here to celebrate his big day.  He's one loved little boy.  <3


Happy First Birthday Max!!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!! 

August 20, 2011 you came into our life, and
every day has been better because of you.

At 1 month you were our little monkey with some scrawny legs!

2 months and such a silly boy.  Sticking out your tongue
was a regular happening in our household.

You were so serious and calm at 3 months.  Little did we know
you would become a wild little man once you were mobile!

You looked so scared at 4 months, but really you were having a blast
 in Alaska celebrating Christmas with Pap-pap and Mum-mum.

There's our happy baby!  You were full of smiles at
5 months, and you haven't stopped smiling. :)

6 months and trying to show off your standing skills!

<3 You posed for your 7 month picture, and melted my heart.

After a bath and you were so fresh and so clean at 8 months!
Look at that hair!

9 months and driving!  Watch out world!

Looking so adorably handsome at 10 months.

11 months and standing up on your own!  Remember when you needed
the couch to help you stand?

Looking back at your monthly pictures brings tears to my eyes.  From day one our hearts were yours.  You grew so much from month to month.  You, my sweet boy, are so handsome and look just like your Daddy.  This year my adventures in mommyhood has been AMAZING.  I loved watching you learn to smile, laugh, roll over, sit up, crawl, stand up, take your first steps, try foods for the first time, and so much more!  I can't wait to hear your first sentence, see you run, and having so many more adventures with you!


Almost One

So this will be that last blog I type about Max as an 11 month old.  After today he will be ONE!!  He's had a great birthday week.  Ian and I have been singing the "Birthday Song" to him.  It's a song that I heard when I was little and my mom and I use to sing when it was a week before my birthday.  It's been fun and cute singing it to Max.  I can't get over that tomorrow Max is turning one.  It's happened all too fast.

Those are some bite marks...this is what happens
if he gets a hold of our fingers!  Ouch!

Items to keep Max busy while I was cooking dinner.
He threw them on the floor and I picked them up 3 times.  (Yes 3 times!)

Mommy, I promise I won't throw them again.  I want them.

Max realizing that I wasn't going to give them
back to him to play with (or throw).

I made Max white cheddar mac and cheese. 
 I left the room for less than a minute and came
back to this face.  <3


Letter To Max

Dear Max,
In 2 days you will be ONE!  This year has flown by.  Every day you have been an absolute joy to your Daddy and me, and you continue to be.  You make every day better, and we love you so much!!  I keep remembering how little you were when we brought you home from the hospital, how all you loved to do was sleep, and how you looked just like your Daddy.  Now you aren't so little anymore!  You still like to sleep, but only during nap time and at night.  You'd much rather be playing.  You still look just like your Daddy, but every once in awhile I hear that you look like me. :) 

You're starting to walk.  You are becoming braver by the day.  Your Daddy and I cheer you on every step that you take.  Any day now you are going to be a walking machine making more messes than ever, and I can't wait!! 

We love you Max.  We thank God every day that you are our son. 

Mommy and Daddy.


Half Birthday

Max's half birthday was a big moment.  Our little boy was growing up so fast!  He had just started sitting in his highchair, was going to his first spring training game, and tantrums had begun.  Now Max is days away from turning 12 months!  He'll sit in his highchair, but also try and climb out now!  Spring training games weren't as exciting for Max, but hockey is just around the corner! 


How a Blog Got it's Name

Adventures in Mommyhood 

My mom had gone back to LC and I had been on my own with Max for 4 days. (Ian was back at work)  Being a first time mom, you doubt yourself and your mommy skills.   Max and I got into our little routine, and I loved every minute of it!  <3


Meeting Max

The best day of our lives....It seems like just yesterday.  I remember how over being pregnant I was, and I just wanted to meet Max :).

Jumping Jacks or Pineapple?


Seeing Max

This blog was when Ian and I found out that our baby was a boy!!  It was a great moment seeing our baby for the first time, and then finding out our news with family and friends. 

The Winklmann Name Continues    <------ click there :)


The NeverEnding Week

School is back in full force.  I have 28 kiddos so far, and only a few that may cause headaches in the future. :)  I thought this week would never end though!  Only 175 more days to go, but whose counting?

Max has been back at daycare for two weeks now, and the cough is back!  I hope he's not as sick this year like he was last year.  That wasn't fun for him or us.  He goes back to the doctor next week for his one year check-up.  ONE YEAR!!  I still can't believe that my baby boy is turning one.  It makes me get a bit teary eyed.  I think this coming week I'll repost some of my older posts that will lead up to Max's birthday.  Aww I'm so mushy.

Max is starting to take a few steps.  At home he's up to taking four steps!  Ian and I get so excited when he takes a couple steps.  Aw it's just so cute!  At daycare there are about 5 kiddos starting to walk, and when one of them stands up, they all stand up.  His teacher, Miss Zoey, said it's pretty cute to see them all standing up all wobbly.  Miss Zoey also said that yesterday Max took 3 steps by himself and then sat down.  He's so close!!

Hmm...that green car looks cooler than my car.

I want that car Daddy!!

Ha! Thanks Daddy!

Look Daddy my car goes faster!



Well....I'm back to work.  Being a SAHM for the summer was amazing, and I loved every minute of it.  It was full of many adventures (good and bad), but sadly it had to come to an end.  Max is back in daycare full time.  :(  Once he turns one and can walk (without the wobbles) he'll be moving rooms.  Yikes!  I don't know if I'm ready for this.  He's not walking yet.  He'll take one step, freeze, and then fall forward.  He's in no hurry to walk, and I'm okay with that.

Work...it's been hard going every morning.  I'd much rather be at home with Max, as if you already didn't know that.  The first week is always packed with meetings and kinda boring, so I think once the kiddos are there next week it will be a different story.  I hope.   We had Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, and those are always fun.  Old students come and visit, new kiddos walk in so shy, and you get to meet parents.  I met about 20 of my students.  Pretty cute.  I had one set of parents giving me the low down on their child.  Then say, "Bless you." as they left.  Umm...okay.  Not quite sure what to think about that, but we'll see what happens!  Every year is full of the unexpected, and I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of that!!

Max Facts
-Grass-Before Washington Max had never crawled around in grass.  While we were in Washington we went to a park, and Max was freaked out with the grass.  He wanted nothing to do with it, picked up his chubby little feet, and crawled into the closest arms.  It took him a couple days, but he finally warmed up to the green pokey stuff.  He ended our trip crawling around like he's loved grass from day one.
-Traveler-Knock on wood but this kid is still a good traveler.  The plane ride was about a 3 hour flight and he did great!  Both flights he played for about 45 mins, and then slept the rest of the way. (I seriously think our next kid is going to be a handful, because we are spoiled with Max!)

Mommy Facts
-Haboob-Our flight back home from Washington was peachy keen, until landing.  A haboob happened and ruined it all!  The pilot tried to land TWICE, but we were being jerked around like a rag doll, so we had to go to Tucson.  Mind you I'm sitting by a 16 year old boy who hates to fly.  He was stressing me out!!  I was glad to get off the plane and part ways with the kid.  I hate flying.  I hate haboobs.
-Nov 6th- is getting closer as I type!  I didn't run at all while we were in Washington, so getting back into the groove has proven to be way harder than normal.  Running one mile nearly made me pass out is exhaustion.  Sad.
-Friends- I hope growing up Max has a solid group of friends.  People that will keep him grounded, bring out the best in him, and take part in his many adventures.  I'd rather him be able to count on one hand his true friends, then have friendships that are fake.  I'm learning that if someone brings out the worst in you, or makes you feel like crap, they aren't your friend.  I am so thankful for my dearest friends. :)

14 more days until Max is ONE...let the countdown begin!!!

Okay, I'm done blogging for the next few days!  Enjoy the overload!


Alysanna Grace

On August 1, 2011 at 11:40 in the morning, my best friend welcomed Alysanna Grace into the world!!  Jenn wasn't due until August 19th (a day before Max's bday), but Aly decided she'd rather be in her mommy's arms.  I'm so happy this little girl is here, and I cannot wait to meet my soon to be god-daughter. 

Alysanna Grace
6lbs 6 oz
17 in

Washington Trip

Our trip in pictures.

Who knew a plastic cup could be so fun?
Of course our boy fell asleep on the plane ride. :)

Spencer holding Max with stiff arms.  Max definitely wasn't going to fall!
Oh Canada.... 

We had to see what the fuss was all about with this Tim Hortons place.....
Not an iced vanilla latte, which was what I ordered. :(

My two favorite people. 
A beautiful stop on our drive to Seattle.


In Seattle our adventures took us to Pike Market Place, which I LOVED.  We
also went to a Mariner's game.  Y'know how baseball is my fav sport (not)
but it was actually a fun time!

Max fell asleep in a hammock, and it was the cutest thing!

Our reason for the trip to Washington was for Lisa and Adam's wedding. 
It was a beautiful ceremony.  Ian was able to see old friends from college, Max met
some important people for the first time, and I made some new friends!

This picture captures our time there perfectly. 
We had a blast. :)