Almost One

So this will be that last blog I type about Max as an 11 month old.  After today he will be ONE!!  He's had a great birthday week.  Ian and I have been singing the "Birthday Song" to him.  It's a song that I heard when I was little and my mom and I use to sing when it was a week before my birthday.  It's been fun and cute singing it to Max.  I can't get over that tomorrow Max is turning one.  It's happened all too fast.

Those are some bite marks...this is what happens
if he gets a hold of our fingers!  Ouch!

Items to keep Max busy while I was cooking dinner.
He threw them on the floor and I picked them up 3 times.  (Yes 3 times!)

Mommy, I promise I won't throw them again.  I want them.

Max realizing that I wasn't going to give them
back to him to play with (or throw).

I made Max white cheddar mac and cheese. 
 I left the room for less than a minute and came
back to this face.  <3

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