The Big ONE

Last Saturday Max had a p-a-r-t-y!  At first I think he was a little hesitant with all the people, but who were we kidding?  Our boy loved the attention!!

Max loved the balloons!  He loved hitting them around and watching
them fall back towards him.  Super cute to watch. :)

THE final cupcakes!  My mom and sister did the frosting,
and I thought they came out great!  On the ledge behind the sweets
you'll see Max's monthly pictures.  Also on the table are Monster
Cookies that my Aunt Diana made.  Yum-O!

This is good stuff Mommy and Daddy!!

Hmm..what's in the bag?

This is the best present!

What does the turtle do Daddy?

Loved this gift!  Max doesn't seem
too impressed, but he'll love it
when football season starts.  He
just doesn't know yet. ;)

This book makes sounds? Cool Daddy!

I get my own keys?

Ohh...I like this!


Daddy and Mommy you got me what?! 
Now I can basketball like Daddy!

This is a cool horsey!  Thank you
Auntie Nicole and Uncle Cleo!

Max's birthday came and went.  So sad.  I loved having my family and friends here to celebrate his big day.  He's one loved little boy.  <3

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