Happy First Birthday Max!!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!! 

August 20, 2011 you came into our life, and
every day has been better because of you.

At 1 month you were our little monkey with some scrawny legs!

2 months and such a silly boy.  Sticking out your tongue
was a regular happening in our household.

You were so serious and calm at 3 months.  Little did we know
you would become a wild little man once you were mobile!

You looked so scared at 4 months, but really you were having a blast
 in Alaska celebrating Christmas with Pap-pap and Mum-mum.

There's our happy baby!  You were full of smiles at
5 months, and you haven't stopped smiling. :)

6 months and trying to show off your standing skills!

<3 You posed for your 7 month picture, and melted my heart.

After a bath and you were so fresh and so clean at 8 months!
Look at that hair!

9 months and driving!  Watch out world!

Looking so adorably handsome at 10 months.

11 months and standing up on your own!  Remember when you needed
the couch to help you stand?

Looking back at your monthly pictures brings tears to my eyes.  From day one our hearts were yours.  You grew so much from month to month.  You, my sweet boy, are so handsome and look just like your Daddy.  This year my adventures in mommyhood has been AMAZING.  I loved watching you learn to smile, laugh, roll over, sit up, crawl, stand up, take your first steps, try foods for the first time, and so much more!  I can't wait to hear your first sentence, see you run, and having so many more adventures with you!

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