Letter To Max

Dear Max,
In 2 days you will be ONE!  This year has flown by.  Every day you have been an absolute joy to your Daddy and me, and you continue to be.  You make every day better, and we love you so much!!  I keep remembering how little you were when we brought you home from the hospital, how all you loved to do was sleep, and how you looked just like your Daddy.  Now you aren't so little anymore!  You still like to sleep, but only during nap time and at night.  You'd much rather be playing.  You still look just like your Daddy, but every once in awhile I hear that you look like me. :) 

You're starting to walk.  You are becoming braver by the day.  Your Daddy and I cheer you on every step that you take.  Any day now you are going to be a walking machine making more messes than ever, and I can't wait!! 

We love you Max.  We thank God every day that you are our son. 

Mommy and Daddy.

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