The NeverEnding Week

School is back in full force.  I have 28 kiddos so far, and only a few that may cause headaches in the future. :)  I thought this week would never end though!  Only 175 more days to go, but whose counting?

Max has been back at daycare for two weeks now, and the cough is back!  I hope he's not as sick this year like he was last year.  That wasn't fun for him or us.  He goes back to the doctor next week for his one year check-up.  ONE YEAR!!  I still can't believe that my baby boy is turning one.  It makes me get a bit teary eyed.  I think this coming week I'll repost some of my older posts that will lead up to Max's birthday.  Aww I'm so mushy.

Max is starting to take a few steps.  At home he's up to taking four steps!  Ian and I get so excited when he takes a couple steps.  Aw it's just so cute!  At daycare there are about 5 kiddos starting to walk, and when one of them stands up, they all stand up.  His teacher, Miss Zoey, said it's pretty cute to see them all standing up all wobbly.  Miss Zoey also said that yesterday Max took 3 steps by himself and then sat down.  He's so close!!

Hmm...that green car looks cooler than my car.

I want that car Daddy!!

Ha! Thanks Daddy!

Look Daddy my car goes faster!

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