Washington Trip

Our trip in pictures.

Who knew a plastic cup could be so fun?
Of course our boy fell asleep on the plane ride. :)

Spencer holding Max with stiff arms.  Max definitely wasn't going to fall!
Oh Canada.... 

We had to see what the fuss was all about with this Tim Hortons place.....
Not an iced vanilla latte, which was what I ordered. :(

My two favorite people. 
A beautiful stop on our drive to Seattle.


In Seattle our adventures took us to Pike Market Place, which I LOVED.  We
also went to a Mariner's game.  Y'know how baseball is my fav sport (not)
but it was actually a fun time!

Max fell asleep in a hammock, and it was the cutest thing!

Our reason for the trip to Washington was for Lisa and Adam's wedding. 
It was a beautiful ceremony.  Ian was able to see old friends from college, Max met
some important people for the first time, and I made some new friends!

This picture captures our time there perfectly. 
We had a blast. :)

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