I want to start off by saying that Max did not shed any tears when his Daddy dropped him off at PCA today!!  Yay!!  It made me so HAPPY to hear that, and when I pick him up now he acts like he owns the place.  :) 

For the past week Max and I have been waiting outside for his Daddy to come home.  We usually go out for about 15 minutes, and he likes to explore.  Today he was a chatter box!  He was curious about the plants, rocks, and his shadow.  It was super cute, but I always find everything he does super cute!

Who needs a nap Mommy? 
 I want to play hockey!

I can almost reach...
Muah Mommy!

Hmm..what are the neighbors doing?

These rocks look cool.

Max's new favorite story.


Mommy's Monkey

Today was Max's first day at his new daycare.  Both Ian and I took him.  Max has his teacher from the old place that moved over to the new place back when Max was only a few months old.  It was so nice seeing her today, and it made me feel more at ease knowing that Max will be with her.  We also had a wonderful surprise when first walking in this morning.  There was a familiar friendly voice I hear, and who is it?  Rachel!  I used to teach with her at Collier, and there she was in front of me.  That made me feel ten times better as well!!  I love this place.  I mean LOVE.  When I went to pick up Max he was actually napping, which was so cute to see!  He was asleep on this little cot, and he looked so grown up.  It was very different from seeing him in a crib. 

He had a GREAT day.  He played with play dough, made new friends, ate some yummy food, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't a wreck like his mama was.  ;)  Tomorrow will be much easier 1) because I don't have to drop him off and 2) because I know he's in great hands and being taken great care of, which is all this mommy wants.

Umm..what is this Mommy? 

What are you looking at?
I'm going to body slam you like those pillows!

You are heavier than you look....



I'm ready for some football!!

Bye Bye Bottles

Since Max is one now and about to enter the toddler room at daycare, he has to say goodbye to bottles and hello to sippy cups.   We did this Friday, and he switched without any fuss!  A few weeks ago he was a crawling, babbling, bottle drinking baby.  Now he's a walking, Donald saying, sippy cup drinking little man! 

Monday Max will start at a new daycare.  It's called Phoenix Children's Academy and it's amazing! Both Ian and I are excited about the change, but it's like his first day of daycare all over again.  We're both going to drop him off and I'll probably hang out with him in his room for awhile before leaving him.  :(  He's getting to that age where he starts to cry when you leave him.  It's pretty sad.  Ian drops him off, so really he has to handle the sadness.  I'd be a mess everyday if that were me! 

-Max Facts-
-Throwing.  This kid throws everything.  When he's done drinking from his sippy cup-throw! When he's done eating from his fork-throw! When he's tired of whatever toy is in his hand-throw!  If you happen to be in the way, then you will get hit!
-Belly button.  He has discovered his belly button, which then makes him want to look at his daddy's or mine.  Umm..I'm not to fond of him gouging out my eyes, so why he would think I'd like him to gouge at my belly button is beyond me.  I also find it a bit gross.  :-/
-Food.  So when we feed Max he takes out whatever we just put in his mouth, and puts it back in himself.  This is g-r-o-s-s!  If it's pasta or something whole it's not too bad, but when it's mashed potatoes...ewww!  I don't get it.  Maybe he's wanting to see what he's eating.  Whatever the reason, he needs to stop. Blah!

I want to play with the blocks Mommy just cleaned up!

What's at the bottom?

What else can I play with?



Today it rained.  Max has seen rain, and we took him outside when he was a lil' baby.  Today though, I opened the door and we looked outside.  He was interested in the stuff falling from the sky right away.  I think he thought it was like a shower, which he loves taking these days.  At first he stayed away from the rain, and did some  yelling at it.  Then he walked right into it, and just stood there.  I called him a few times, but he decided to sit down and play.  I couldn't stop giggling.  When I brought him inside, he wasn't a happy camper.  I think our little man is going to love the outdoors.  =) 


Never Forget

I woke up this morning sad.  As I look at Max while I type this, it breaks my heart to think of the children who will never know their parents because they were taken in the tragedy that happened 10 years ago today.  Those people belonged to a family, and their families haven't been whole for TEN years.  I can't even imagine... :( 

I was in college when it happened.  It was a Tuesday.  I went to my Astronomy class, which was my favorite class that semester.  I had a wacky professor.   He came in a little late that morning.  His hair was sticking up all over (Einstein style) and all he said was that he wanted to be with loved ones, so for us to go home.  I had no clue what he was talking about.  When I got back to my dorm I turned on the tv, and called my mom.  I just remember feeling scared and wanting to go home.  They lived in Albuquerque at the time, and NMSU is in Las Cruces. 

There are bad people in the world.  Sadly, Max will have to grow up in a world with bad people.  What makes me feel proud to live in the United States of America, is that there are also good people.  The good people that day 10 years ago helped saved others, helped keep other families whole that day.   That's a hero.  They helped others knowing they could or would lose their own lives in the process.

Thanks to those who risked their lives that day to keep others safe.  I pray those families missing a part to their puzzle have peace today, and know that people are remembering and praying for you. 

Never forget.


Pictures of You

I have a cousin that goes by the name Bek Teno.  Her camera lives in her hand, and she takes the BEST pictures.  I stole some.  =)   I think she would make a wonderful photographer. 

That's me and my lovely Mom.  I truly hope I get my
 mothering skills from her.  She's the best.

Gramma Grace giving Max some yummy goodness
that we like to call a red velvet cupcake.

Do you think my mommy is going to get mad?!

Umm..she won't know?  Right?

Those pictures were taken over 4th of July weekend.  I love seeing pictures of Max from when he was younger.  Well...I guess he was going on 11 months, which wasn't that long ago, but he looks soooo different! 

Today our boy has had a ton of energy!!  He loves to play rough, which is fine when he plays with Daddy.  With Mommy, I like the gentle playing.  Today, he has head butted me.  It's safe to say he has a hard head.  He laughed, and I cried in pain.  He  has slapped,  AND tried to gouge my eyes out.  Fun stuff. 

Donald Duck

The other night we were reading Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books to Max.  As we were holding one of the books we happen to point to Donald and say his name.  Max then said his name!  It was too cute and funny!  I had to get it on video :).  Turn up your volume and listen to Max say his first word (other than "mama" and "dandy").


Vegas Vacation

What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there.  I had planned to take lots of pictures to document our trip.  I took a total of 3 photos, and two are of Max sleeping.  I even told my friend, Melanie, on our last day there, "I need to take pictures today!"  I didn't.  Fail.  So you'll just have to picture our fun in your  minds.

Saturday:  We woke up bright and early to hit the road by 7.  Max woke with a jolt and sat right up, and was in the best mood.  He was asleep less than 5 minutes into the trip.  He woke up to eat, and then went back to sleep.  We arrived to our hotel (Treasure Island) to stand in the check-in line for what seemed like FOREVER.  Well really, Ian stood in line and Max and I played and made friends.  This kid was getting the attention of all the scantly clad girls, and one really drunk man.  By games, I mean him throwing things and me going to fetch it and bring it back to him.  It's an awesome game.  He throws like a pro.  The hooker girls (as I like to call them) were "ohhing and awwwing" at his cuteness of game.  I, however, didn't fall for his cuteness.   I know better, and I was also sober. 

We went to Vegas with our friends, Jakub and Melanie, and also met up with Kali and Jay.   That night we ate at a Taqueria, and the food was awesome.  Max had a quesadilla and gobbled it up!  After our stomachs were full, we headed back to our casino for some gambling.  Kali was wonderful and watched Max for us.  :)  I'm not a big gambler, but when I start playing slots, it gets addicting.   That night I won $250!!  Ian and the boys were playing Craps and ended up winning as well.  Mel and I were excited because that meant some good shopping at the outlet stores the next day!!

Sunday:  I woke up to Max sleeping with his head facing the bottom of the bed and his feet facing the top.  He sleeps like a wild animal!!  When he woke up he was ready for some fun of his own.  Our hotel room was like a baby's dream.  He was opening drawers and closing them, pulling kleenex from the bathroom cabinet (why it was so lower, I don't know), flushing the toilet (Daddy taught him), unrolling the toilet paper, and finding things to throw.  Fun stuff.  :-/

We ventured off the strip to find this hotdog place we had read about only to find it CLOSED.  Lucky for us there was a brewery right next to it.  It was pretty good.   Then it was off to SHOP!!  Woohoo, we all had money to spend, and Mel and I were pretty excited for the Coach store.  I found two, yes two, purses that I loved at first sight.  Women go crazy in that store.  It can be frightening. We spoiled Max with some clothes.  No toys this trip, because he has enough after his bday party.  I also bought a new pair of running shoes that I NEED to put to use because Nov 6th is getting closer!

After shopping it was nap time for this family.  We needed to recharge our batteries.  We all met up again for some fun.  Kali took Max :).  Mel and I had no luck at our quarter machines, so we went to the penny machines to make our money last longer.  I won $200!!  What?!  I've never won that much on a penny machine.  I was so excited!   We ventured to another casino with a yummy beverage in a skull mug, got invited to an after party with Paris Hilton, have a man dressed like a wizard statue jump at us and nearly scare us to death, walk back to our hotel where I step in a puddle and my flip flop slides off, to watch our husbands lose...win some money, met up with Kali to get Max who was wide awake at 2ish in the AM, and finally bed! 

Monday: Max has me up at 7.  Yay!  I was tired and vowed to never have a yummy drink in a skull mug again.  Our weekend was so much fun though, and I didn't want it to end. 

Enough with the novel...here are my sad 3 pictures that I took.  Lame, I know!!  I need to be better at taking pictures!

Hanging with Daddy at the Palazzo.

I sleep better like this Mommy.


Wobble Walker

Max had his 12 month check up today.  I had to miss it because of some training at work.  I was seriously bummed.  This was his first doctors appointment that I was missing!!  Sad.

The facts:
~Max weighs 24 1/2 lbs, is 30 in tall, and is in the 69% for both weight and height amongst 12 month olds.
~He doesn't have to drink whole milk, but can drink 2%.  We had started him on whole milk last week (with formula), and he seems to like it.  I gave him 2% tonight and he drank that up.  I don't think he discriminates against any baby beverage.
~Max can walk!!  He's not a pro yet, but he's definitely a wobbly walker!  It's super cute to watch him.  :)  If he wants to get somewhere fast or to something fast, his choice of mobility is crawling.  I think once the wobbles are gone, his choice will be walking!!
~He is becoming more of a civil eater and less of an animal with food everywhere.  We have been loading his fork with food and handing it to him.  He grabs it, laughs, and puts on a show for us.  He's really good at feeding himself with a fork. 
~We have a dancer on our hands!  We bought him a book that plays songs, and he'll push THE SAME button over and over again and sway back and forth.  Adorable, yes...but we need some new tunes.  Or he needs to just push another button!
~Teething...the never ending torture for this kid.  He's getting all 4 baby molars at once.  I remember I said once that maybe it would be easier if babies got all their teeth at once.  (Remember?  I thought a baby with a full mouth of teeth would be creepy?)  4 molars at one time is too much!  Max is a trooper, but he's in       P-A-I-N.   He hasn't been sleeping well, which means we don't sleep well, which means we're all a little cranky.  :(

This weekend we're going to Vegas with some good friends.  We're all pretty excited!  Max will get to see Kali and Jay again, and I always love seeing them!!  Vegas here we come!  Oh and what happens in Vegas....well, that will end up on my blog! ;)

I have monsters on my feet....

Wait..I have MONSTERS on my feet?!

I'm one now... I eat with a fork.