Bye Bye Bottles

Since Max is one now and about to enter the toddler room at daycare, he has to say goodbye to bottles and hello to sippy cups.   We did this Friday, and he switched without any fuss!  A few weeks ago he was a crawling, babbling, bottle drinking baby.  Now he's a walking, Donald saying, sippy cup drinking little man! 

Monday Max will start at a new daycare.  It's called Phoenix Children's Academy and it's amazing! Both Ian and I are excited about the change, but it's like his first day of daycare all over again.  We're both going to drop him off and I'll probably hang out with him in his room for awhile before leaving him.  :(  He's getting to that age where he starts to cry when you leave him.  It's pretty sad.  Ian drops him off, so really he has to handle the sadness.  I'd be a mess everyday if that were me! 

-Max Facts-
-Throwing.  This kid throws everything.  When he's done drinking from his sippy cup-throw! When he's done eating from his fork-throw! When he's tired of whatever toy is in his hand-throw!  If you happen to be in the way, then you will get hit!
-Belly button.  He has discovered his belly button, which then makes him want to look at his daddy's or mine.  Umm..I'm not to fond of him gouging out my eyes, so why he would think I'd like him to gouge at my belly button is beyond me.  I also find it a bit gross.  :-/
-Food.  So when we feed Max he takes out whatever we just put in his mouth, and puts it back in himself.  This is g-r-o-s-s!  If it's pasta or something whole it's not too bad, but when it's mashed potatoes...ewww!  I don't get it.  Maybe he's wanting to see what he's eating.  Whatever the reason, he needs to stop. Blah!

I want to play with the blocks Mommy just cleaned up!

What's at the bottom?

What else can I play with?

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