Mommy's Monkey

Today was Max's first day at his new daycare.  Both Ian and I took him.  Max has his teacher from the old place that moved over to the new place back when Max was only a few months old.  It was so nice seeing her today, and it made me feel more at ease knowing that Max will be with her.  We also had a wonderful surprise when first walking in this morning.  There was a familiar friendly voice I hear, and who is it?  Rachel!  I used to teach with her at Collier, and there she was in front of me.  That made me feel ten times better as well!!  I love this place.  I mean LOVE.  When I went to pick up Max he was actually napping, which was so cute to see!  He was asleep on this little cot, and he looked so grown up.  It was very different from seeing him in a crib. 

He had a GREAT day.  He played with play dough, made new friends, ate some yummy food, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't a wreck like his mama was.  ;)  Tomorrow will be much easier 1) because I don't have to drop him off and 2) because I know he's in great hands and being taken great care of, which is all this mommy wants.

Umm..what is this Mommy? 

What are you looking at?
I'm going to body slam you like those pillows!

You are heavier than you look....

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