Never Forget

I woke up this morning sad.  As I look at Max while I type this, it breaks my heart to think of the children who will never know their parents because they were taken in the tragedy that happened 10 years ago today.  Those people belonged to a family, and their families haven't been whole for TEN years.  I can't even imagine... :( 

I was in college when it happened.  It was a Tuesday.  I went to my Astronomy class, which was my favorite class that semester.  I had a wacky professor.   He came in a little late that morning.  His hair was sticking up all over (Einstein style) and all he said was that he wanted to be with loved ones, so for us to go home.  I had no clue what he was talking about.  When I got back to my dorm I turned on the tv, and called my mom.  I just remember feeling scared and wanting to go home.  They lived in Albuquerque at the time, and NMSU is in Las Cruces. 

There are bad people in the world.  Sadly, Max will have to grow up in a world with bad people.  What makes me feel proud to live in the United States of America, is that there are also good people.  The good people that day 10 years ago helped saved others, helped keep other families whole that day.   That's a hero.  They helped others knowing they could or would lose their own lives in the process.

Thanks to those who risked their lives that day to keep others safe.  I pray those families missing a part to their puzzle have peace today, and know that people are remembering and praying for you. 

Never forget.

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