Pictures of You

I have a cousin that goes by the name Bek Teno.  Her camera lives in her hand, and she takes the BEST pictures.  I stole some.  =)   I think she would make a wonderful photographer. 

That's me and my lovely Mom.  I truly hope I get my
 mothering skills from her.  She's the best.

Gramma Grace giving Max some yummy goodness
that we like to call a red velvet cupcake.

Do you think my mommy is going to get mad?!

Umm..she won't know?  Right?

Those pictures were taken over 4th of July weekend.  I love seeing pictures of Max from when he was younger.  Well...I guess he was going on 11 months, which wasn't that long ago, but he looks soooo different! 

Today our boy has had a ton of energy!!  He loves to play rough, which is fine when he plays with Daddy.  With Mommy, I like the gentle playing.  Today, he has head butted me.  It's safe to say he has a hard head.  He laughed, and I cried in pain.  He  has slapped,  AND tried to gouge my eyes out.  Fun stuff. 

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