Vegas Vacation

What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there.  I had planned to take lots of pictures to document our trip.  I took a total of 3 photos, and two are of Max sleeping.  I even told my friend, Melanie, on our last day there, "I need to take pictures today!"  I didn't.  Fail.  So you'll just have to picture our fun in your  minds.

Saturday:  We woke up bright and early to hit the road by 7.  Max woke with a jolt and sat right up, and was in the best mood.  He was asleep less than 5 minutes into the trip.  He woke up to eat, and then went back to sleep.  We arrived to our hotel (Treasure Island) to stand in the check-in line for what seemed like FOREVER.  Well really, Ian stood in line and Max and I played and made friends.  This kid was getting the attention of all the scantly clad girls, and one really drunk man.  By games, I mean him throwing things and me going to fetch it and bring it back to him.  It's an awesome game.  He throws like a pro.  The hooker girls (as I like to call them) were "ohhing and awwwing" at his cuteness of game.  I, however, didn't fall for his cuteness.   I know better, and I was also sober. 

We went to Vegas with our friends, Jakub and Melanie, and also met up with Kali and Jay.   That night we ate at a Taqueria, and the food was awesome.  Max had a quesadilla and gobbled it up!  After our stomachs were full, we headed back to our casino for some gambling.  Kali was wonderful and watched Max for us.  :)  I'm not a big gambler, but when I start playing slots, it gets addicting.   That night I won $250!!  Ian and the boys were playing Craps and ended up winning as well.  Mel and I were excited because that meant some good shopping at the outlet stores the next day!!

Sunday:  I woke up to Max sleeping with his head facing the bottom of the bed and his feet facing the top.  He sleeps like a wild animal!!  When he woke up he was ready for some fun of his own.  Our hotel room was like a baby's dream.  He was opening drawers and closing them, pulling kleenex from the bathroom cabinet (why it was so lower, I don't know), flushing the toilet (Daddy taught him), unrolling the toilet paper, and finding things to throw.  Fun stuff.  :-/

We ventured off the strip to find this hotdog place we had read about only to find it CLOSED.  Lucky for us there was a brewery right next to it.  It was pretty good.   Then it was off to SHOP!!  Woohoo, we all had money to spend, and Mel and I were pretty excited for the Coach store.  I found two, yes two, purses that I loved at first sight.  Women go crazy in that store.  It can be frightening. We spoiled Max with some clothes.  No toys this trip, because he has enough after his bday party.  I also bought a new pair of running shoes that I NEED to put to use because Nov 6th is getting closer!

After shopping it was nap time for this family.  We needed to recharge our batteries.  We all met up again for some fun.  Kali took Max :).  Mel and I had no luck at our quarter machines, so we went to the penny machines to make our money last longer.  I won $200!!  What?!  I've never won that much on a penny machine.  I was so excited!   We ventured to another casino with a yummy beverage in a skull mug, got invited to an after party with Paris Hilton, have a man dressed like a wizard statue jump at us and nearly scare us to death, walk back to our hotel where I step in a puddle and my flip flop slides off, to watch our husbands lose...win some money, met up with Kali to get Max who was wide awake at 2ish in the AM, and finally bed! 

Monday: Max has me up at 7.  Yay!  I was tired and vowed to never have a yummy drink in a skull mug again.  Our weekend was so much fun though, and I didn't want it to end. 

Enough with the novel...here are my sad 3 pictures that I took.  Lame, I know!!  I need to be better at taking pictures!

Hanging with Daddy at the Palazzo.

I sleep better like this Mommy.

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  1. My boy is Max too!! He was born just two weeks before your little one. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello and that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Have a great day!