Wobble Walker

Max had his 12 month check up today.  I had to miss it because of some training at work.  I was seriously bummed.  This was his first doctors appointment that I was missing!!  Sad.

The facts:
~Max weighs 24 1/2 lbs, is 30 in tall, and is in the 69% for both weight and height amongst 12 month olds.
~He doesn't have to drink whole milk, but can drink 2%.  We had started him on whole milk last week (with formula), and he seems to like it.  I gave him 2% tonight and he drank that up.  I don't think he discriminates against any baby beverage.
~Max can walk!!  He's not a pro yet, but he's definitely a wobbly walker!  It's super cute to watch him.  :)  If he wants to get somewhere fast or to something fast, his choice of mobility is crawling.  I think once the wobbles are gone, his choice will be walking!!
~He is becoming more of a civil eater and less of an animal with food everywhere.  We have been loading his fork with food and handing it to him.  He grabs it, laughs, and puts on a show for us.  He's really good at feeding himself with a fork. 
~We have a dancer on our hands!  We bought him a book that plays songs, and he'll push THE SAME button over and over again and sway back and forth.  Adorable, yes...but we need some new tunes.  Or he needs to just push another button!
~Teething...the never ending torture for this kid.  He's getting all 4 baby molars at once.  I remember I said once that maybe it would be easier if babies got all their teeth at once.  (Remember?  I thought a baby with a full mouth of teeth would be creepy?)  4 molars at one time is too much!  Max is a trooper, but he's in       P-A-I-N.   He hasn't been sleeping well, which means we don't sleep well, which means we're all a little cranky.  :(

This weekend we're going to Vegas with some good friends.  We're all pretty excited!  Max will get to see Kali and Jay again, and I always love seeing them!!  Vegas here we come!  Oh and what happens in Vegas....well, that will end up on my blog! ;)

I have monsters on my feet....

Wait..I have MONSTERS on my feet?!

I'm one now... I eat with a fork.

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