Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

I want the candy Mommy!!

Max LOVED Trick-or-Treating!!  He was a pro after the first house we went to, and worked his cuteness to get more than one piece of candy. :)    He also loved handing out the candy with his Daddy.  He found his Superwoman, but she was more interested in the candy.  Go figure.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!



Ian and I are not the best planners when it comes to Halloween.  There are those parents who have their kiddo's costume picked out weeks or months before it's actually needed.  We're more of a get the costume the night before it's needed kind of parents.  Next year we'll be better...maybe.

This year, well last night, we liked the Superman costume.  Max can't argue with us yet and tell us no, so Superman he gets to be!  He loved his cape.  He ran around the house with it today playing.  It was beyond cute and I was chasing him with my phone.  When it came time to put the actual costume on, he wasn't having it!  He cried and tried to pull it off.  I guess his calling is not to be a superhero.

When he was finally dressed we go outside to go to the car, and he stops and points up to the sky.  He looked like he was about to fly off and go save the world from danger.  Most likely he was pointing at the birds flying around, but we'll pretend it was because he wanted to fly. ;)  We went to the Coyotes game early because they had a Trick-Or-Suite night for the kiddos.  Max got a Yotes pillowcase and we walked around the suite level and got some yummy candy from strangers.  Max was more interested in the kiddos dressed up, then the candy.  I, on the other hand, was interested in what type of candy they were giving to us. (I mean Max)

I can hardly wait until the words "Trick-or-Treat!" come out of Max's mouth. :)

I think he'll be playing with his cape for days to come.

Mommy, I'm a superhero. Stop chasing me.

Uhh...I think I should go help the neighbor...maybe.

This superhero is cheering for his team.

Where is my candy?

I will go make sure that the Kings fans aren't causing any trouble.



I love this little boy beyond words.


First Hockey Jersey

Dear Daddy,
Thank you for buying me my first hockey jersey! I'm so excited I get to watch the Yotes play and look like one of the players.  Someday I'll be skating on the ice with them....until then I'll just sit in my own seat.


Here We Go Steelers

I'm sooooo happy that my little brother was able to watch
the Steelers play in person.  This will be a day we can talk about


This is us before the game,
before the excitement started,
before the Steelers beat the Cardinals.

This says it all.  There were so many Steeler fans,
it truly was a home game.  So crazy!!

Black and Yellow.

I was so excited to see all the players, but mainly #43!!

This weekend was the best weekend.  We made some great memories that we will talk about for years to come.  I have so much more to share, but for now I just wanted to give you a little look into our awesome weekend.  :)



When I was pregnant I listened to Taylor Swift pretty much every day on my way to work. Max was a fan in the belly and is even a fan today.   Ian was able to get tickets for us to watch Miss Swift in concert tonight.  We thought about taking Max, but decided to let his Pap-pap and Mum-mum babysit him.  Ian and I had a little date.  I don't think Ian was too excited about being surrounded by thousands of screaming little girls, but I knew he'd be impressed with TSwift's skills.   It's always fun people watching at concerts.  Tonight there were little girls every where in their sparkly clothes with cowboy boots.  You had the girls who wanted to be Taylor Swift.  There were also the girls that thought they were going to the club...or work the street...Then you had the moms that were dressed like they were fifteen.  Lord I hope I am never like that.  Could you imagine going to a concert with your child and dressing just like them?  Hmm..maybe I'll do that to embarrass the heck out of them.  Ha!

The concert started to the deafening sound of girls screaming.  I may have been one of them...not really, but it did take me back to an *NSYNC concert where I was that girl.  TSwift puts on a great show from beginning to end.  She sang songs that put me back in the moment of being pregnant and driving to work.  She has a song 'Mine'.  I remember watching the video for that song when Max was just born.  I would watch it at 2 in the morning on VH1 when Max would wake up for a feeding.  She sang it, and I could see Max as a little baby.... I love how songs do that. 

I'm pretty excited that my little sister and Mom get to see the show tomorrow.  All I could think was that my sister was going to have so much fun.  She's going to be one of those girls screaming.  :) 

"Snowing" for the song Back to December.

The sea of TSwift fans.

 "With you, I'd dance in a storm in my best dress."

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home..."

The End.

I'm looking forward to the adventures this weekend holds for us......  <3


Paci Fairy

I think we will soon be sending his pacifier to the Paci Fairy.  ;)

Ummm...Mommy I don't think the puck should go into our goal.

Most pictures we take of Max these days has his lovely paci.  We're trying to only give it to Max when he's fussy, but the kid loves his paci.  We need to stick to our plan though, because having the paci be the main thing you notice in his pictures isn't so cute.

I know I'm jinxing myself by talking about how good Max is at hockey games, but I can't help it!  He's so good!  We have another game tonight, and Max is ready to cheer on our Yotes!  He really does watch the game, and will clap and be a fan.  Last game he did clap for the wrong team, but he's learning. :)

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my toe.  It's still hurting, especially when I wear shoes.  Flip flops are a-ok, but anything else cause some p-a-i-n.  The doctor confirmed that my toe is "funny looking", but he doesn't care about my toe.  (I care) He sent me for x-rays and I will find out today if I have to wear a boot.  I hope I don't!  Shallow thought, but my clothes don't exactly go with a boot.  Boo!  Guess we shall see......


Slam Dunk

Yesterday Max discovered that if he puts his book
box  on the ground  in front of his basketball hoop, he
 can stand on it and hang from the rim.  Crazy boy!!


Hockey Stick

Yesterday was the home opener for the Yotes, and they were playing the Winnipeg Jets.  Those of you who follow hockey, know that the Yotes are the original Jets.  I have to say before the game I was nervous about the Canadian fans that were making their way here to see their team play.  Being that most people who live here are from other places we've encountered some mean fans....or obnoxious fans.  Luckily, I have a little cutie with me so how could any Jets fans be mean to us??  I was worried for nothing!  The Jets fans were a little loud, but the Yotes shut them up real quick by scoring on them right away.  It was pretty much awesome!  Max was great, and behaved.  He was clapping for his favorite hockey team and making friends with the people around us.

Before the game started the guys skated out through flames on either side of them.  Max kind of freaked out with the flames.  He was crying/laughing, but really he was just scared!  Poor guy.  Once the flames were done with, he was back to his happy ole' self.   The game started at 4:00, so it was early when the game was over.  We went to Yardhouse with some friends.  By that time Max was a squirmy worm, but our waiter was amazing and brought Max his food out really quick.  Once he had food in his tummy he was happy....for awhile.  We ended up leaving before everyone else, and once Max was in the car he was out before we were on the road. 

Today he's been obsessed with hockey...well his hockey stick!  He's been hitting his blocks with his stick, posing with it behind his head, whacking tables, and just being dangerous with it!  I try and stay away when he's playing with it, because he will hit me.  :) 

Watch out toys!

I want to play hockey like Doan.

Yotes being introduced to over 17,000 fans.

Coyotes vs Jets....Yotes go on to win 4-1. Awesome!!



It's funny how things change with a little one.  This week was my Fall Break, which means sleeping in.  Wrong.  Every day this week Max was awake by 5:45 or 6:15.  Yay for Mommy.....:-/   Not one day of sleeping in.  Sad.  So my mornings consisted of Max lounging on the couch with me, drinking his milk, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I caught up on all the mommy blogs that I follow...that's my type of morning news.    Once Ian was up Max would run from the living room to the bedroom and I would chase him.  It was our little game where Max was a giggly mess and I was a tired mess by the end.   This kid is seriously always on the go, and I'm right behind him.  By nap time I'm exhausted, but not once did I nap with him.  I could not fall asleep.

Today marks the beginning of friends and family coming to visit!  Brian (Ian's BFF) comes tonight, Mike O comes Saturday, and Max's Pap-pap and Mum-mum come Monday.  THEN next Saturday my parents come!  I'm soooo excited!!  Tomorrow also marks the beginning of a busy hockey season.  The Yotes play the Jets.  For you hockey fans that the "old" Jets vs. the "new" Jets.  Fun stuff!!

So....I've been thinking that the half marathon might have to be put on hold.  I may downgrade to 5K :(.  That or cut off my darn pinkie toe!  Oh the pain!!

I know one day Max won't be a snuggle bug,
and when that day comes I will be s-a-d.    
As long as he wants to cuddle with me,
I will take it!!  <3


Lunch With Daddy

Today we went to lunch with Ian.  Max was super excited to see his Daddy!  Instead of sitting in a highchair we had Max sit in a booster seat.  He did so good!!  He was a silly boy playing with his Daddy and coloring on his menu.  Well, really Ian trying to help Max color. :)

After lunch Max and I hit up a few stores on the hunt for Halloween decorations.  I'm not one to decorate, but today I was in the decorating mood, so decorate we did!  I didn't go all out, but just a few touches here and there to be a little festive. 

My boys.

Max was really excited with the crayons.

So serious.

Max is always so curious or nosey about
what's going on around him.

Sitting in a booster seat like a big boy!

Our festive kitchen table. 



Today Max has been on the go go goooo.  He was dressed today
but managed to get his clothes dirty with lunch.  Somehow more of his
lunch ended up on his clothes than in his mouth, so he has been running
around in a diaper.  He played so hard that he fell asleep on the floor. 
 If only I could nap right now, it would be perfect. :)

Hi and Hair

Max waved to every passing car this morning
on our morning walk.  Such a friendly boy!

Max had just woken up from his nap, and had
some awesome nap hair.  :)



My way of saying a jog that turns into a walk.  This morning it was beautiful and crisp out.  I bundled Max up in his hoodie and blankie, and we were off on a morning jog.  Sadly the jog quickly turned to a walk because my toe is STILL hurting.  Boo!  Max loves being outside, and he enjoyed seeing the people out.  There was also a huge dog we saw and Max just pointed and babbled.  As much as he enjoyed being outside, he was over it after awhile.  We'll see how he does tomorrow!

Our adventures today also took us to our favorite store.  Target.  Now that Max is one, looking around at Target isn't as easy as it use to be.  He'd much rather play, and that's what he did today.  He took off his shoe and threw it out of the cart, tried standing up with arms waving in the air and him screaming like a crazy kid, babbling to everyone who passed us by,  and was just a happy kid.  When we were leaving this little boy pointed at Max and said, "Look at the wittle baby.  Waaa.  Waaa."   His mom laughed and then told him to be nice.  Really lady?  What I wanted to do was tell the lady she should teach her kid manners and while she's at it teach him how to make his "L" sound.  Maybe you had to be there, but the kid wasn't nice.  The whole time this is going on Max of course is laughing, thinking it's so funny. 

Really Mommy?  I'm over this walk.

I want to go inside now.

Saturday we went to visit Ian at work.  Ian had to work a high school tournament, and Max was so into the game. :)

Can I go play? Huh, huh can I please?

I want to skate like them!


Top Baby Blogs

I have officially become one of those people who asked for votes on facebook.  Bleh!  There are few things in life that I become obsessed with.  When I was in elementary school, it was Sweet Valley Twins.  I was convinced I had a twin out somewhere in the world.  When I was in 9th grade it was NSYNC.  I had every magazine, taped tv show, and cd.  I thought I would love Justin f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  When I was pregnant it was jalapenos.  I could eat them every day on everything.  Now..it's Top Baby Blogs.  I know I'll never be #1, but I love checking to see what number my blog is at.   You might find it lame, but I love knowing that people enjoy reading my stories, thoughts, and complaints.  I love even more when they vote for me and my blog climbs the trendy baby ladder.   Oh the little things that keep me entertained. :) 

I was the featured blog.  There may have been some yells
of excitement, and running for my phone to take a picture.  My
husband may have thought I was a crazy person, but I'm the featured blog,
so in the baby blog world that makes me cool!!



I find it crazy how one day Max will start doing something new, and we're like "When did you learn to do that?!" 

"Jumping"-He has started to jump.  Will tell him to jump, and he bends his little knees, then stands up quick.  He rarely leaves his feet, but it's so cute to see. 

Sign Language- At his preschool they teach him sign language.  Last night we were playing, and when I would stop he would want to play more.  He would show us the sign for "more", which was AMAZING to see.  Ian and I were so excited to see him communicating with us!

Tantrums- Max didn't have one, but he witnessed a little girl at Target having one because she wanted toothpaste.  Yes toothpaste.  She was crying, screaming, and yelling at her mom.  Max was just watching her.  He was kind of in shock and awe of this little girl who I'm assuming he was trying to flirt with, but she didn't even notice.  Her poor mom kept apologizing, and I told her not to worry.  I worry the day that happens with Max.  I think the little girl's mom handled it well, but if it were me I'm not sure how I would handle it.  Guess we'll be finding out soon enough!!

Throwing- Max just can't break this habit yet.  He's throwing everything.  When you see him you're like, "Aw this cute little boy is going to throw _________ (insert object)."  You're also thinking it won't go very far, but you are mistaken.  He has an arm on him, and throws not only far but HARD.   If you see him aiming at you with something in his hand, take cover!  If you get hit, you may not think he's so cute when you're cringing in pain.   We're thinking he might be a baseball player for Halloween to go with his throwing arm....maybe.

New for Mommy

Pinterest-So I think this site has been around for awhile, but I just sign up for it a couple days ago.  Oh my goodness!  I'm officially obsessed!!  It has so many great things.  Already I have made 2 recipes from there, and both have turned out great!  If you have no clue what I'm talking about, check it out!!

Nov. 6th- The day is quickly approaching and what should happen?  I have a broken pinkie toe.  Last week I was wearing my flip flops at work, and one of my students stepped on my foot 3 times.  The same kid, THREE TIMES.  So yeah...that hurt.  Same day I'm walking around the classroom and I jammed my already hurt toes into the bottom of one of my kiddo's shoes.  How this happened, I don't know, but it did.  It hurt so bad I had to remember I was in a classroom full of children and I didn't want to scare them with inappropriate language.   My poor little toe is bruised, swollen, and just weird looking.  I have it taped up and I'm wearing shoes now, but no running for two weeks.  WTH?  I'm going to die when Nov. 6th comes around.  I will be crawling passed the finish line.  Not how I pictured my first half marathon.  Boo!



Max kept doing this yesterday.  I don't know why, but it was
ridiculously cute.  I took his picture and sent it to my mom.
Later that night I got this picture back from her......

My brother. :)  Oh this makes me laugh.  Guess this Uncle
wanted to be cute like his nephew.   Maybe in a couple
weeks I can get a picture of these two doing their pose together.

Happy Monday!


Our Saturday

There once was a time when Max loved bath time.  He would giggle, splash, play with toys, and he would be the happiest and cleanest little boy.  Now he's so over baths and loves showers.  When he sees the shower going, he tries to climb in diaper and all!  He'll start babbling and acting like a crazy person!  It's pretty entertaining to watch. :)

I want to take a shower!!

You don't have to help.  I can get it myself Mommy!

We went to a hockey game tonight.  It's the last preseason game before the home opener next Saturday.  Max had a grand ole' time!  He was flirting up a storm with the woman behind us, who happened to be there with her husband, but that didn't stop Max.  We are so going to have trouble with this little guy when he's older....eak! When he wasn't flirting he did watch the game.  He was a good boy!

Umm...Howler isn't coming over here is he Mommy? 

Are we in our right seats? 

Mommy...I really don't think we're in our seats.

Yay!  We scored!

Mommy...really is Howler coming over here?