It's funny how things change with a little one.  This week was my Fall Break, which means sleeping in.  Wrong.  Every day this week Max was awake by 5:45 or 6:15.  Yay for Mommy.....:-/   Not one day of sleeping in.  Sad.  So my mornings consisted of Max lounging on the couch with me, drinking his milk, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I caught up on all the mommy blogs that I follow...that's my type of morning news.    Once Ian was up Max would run from the living room to the bedroom and I would chase him.  It was our little game where Max was a giggly mess and I was a tired mess by the end.   This kid is seriously always on the go, and I'm right behind him.  By nap time I'm exhausted, but not once did I nap with him.  I could not fall asleep.

Today marks the beginning of friends and family coming to visit!  Brian (Ian's BFF) comes tonight, Mike O comes Saturday, and Max's Pap-pap and Mum-mum come Monday.  THEN next Saturday my parents come!  I'm soooo excited!!  Tomorrow also marks the beginning of a busy hockey season.  The Yotes play the Jets.  For you hockey fans that the "old" Jets vs. the "new" Jets.  Fun stuff!!

So....I've been thinking that the half marathon might have to be put on hold.  I may downgrade to 5K :(.  That or cut off my darn pinkie toe!  Oh the pain!!

I know one day Max won't be a snuggle bug,
and when that day comes I will be s-a-d.    
As long as he wants to cuddle with me,
I will take it!!  <3

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