My way of saying a jog that turns into a walk.  This morning it was beautiful and crisp out.  I bundled Max up in his hoodie and blankie, and we were off on a morning jog.  Sadly the jog quickly turned to a walk because my toe is STILL hurting.  Boo!  Max loves being outside, and he enjoyed seeing the people out.  There was also a huge dog we saw and Max just pointed and babbled.  As much as he enjoyed being outside, he was over it after awhile.  We'll see how he does tomorrow!

Our adventures today also took us to our favorite store.  Target.  Now that Max is one, looking around at Target isn't as easy as it use to be.  He'd much rather play, and that's what he did today.  He took off his shoe and threw it out of the cart, tried standing up with arms waving in the air and him screaming like a crazy kid, babbling to everyone who passed us by,  and was just a happy kid.  When we were leaving this little boy pointed at Max and said, "Look at the wittle baby.  Waaa.  Waaa."   His mom laughed and then told him to be nice.  Really lady?  What I wanted to do was tell the lady she should teach her kid manners and while she's at it teach him how to make his "L" sound.  Maybe you had to be there, but the kid wasn't nice.  The whole time this is going on Max of course is laughing, thinking it's so funny. 

Really Mommy?  I'm over this walk.

I want to go inside now.

Saturday we went to visit Ian at work.  Ian had to work a high school tournament, and Max was so into the game. :)

Can I go play? Huh, huh can I please?

I want to skate like them!

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