Lunch With Daddy

Today we went to lunch with Ian.  Max was super excited to see his Daddy!  Instead of sitting in a highchair we had Max sit in a booster seat.  He did so good!!  He was a silly boy playing with his Daddy and coloring on his menu.  Well, really Ian trying to help Max color. :)

After lunch Max and I hit up a few stores on the hunt for Halloween decorations.  I'm not one to decorate, but today I was in the decorating mood, so decorate we did!  I didn't go all out, but just a few touches here and there to be a little festive. 

My boys.

Max was really excited with the crayons.

So serious.

Max is always so curious or nosey about
what's going on around him.

Sitting in a booster seat like a big boy!

Our festive kitchen table. 

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