I find it crazy how one day Max will start doing something new, and we're like "When did you learn to do that?!" 

"Jumping"-He has started to jump.  Will tell him to jump, and he bends his little knees, then stands up quick.  He rarely leaves his feet, but it's so cute to see. 

Sign Language- At his preschool they teach him sign language.  Last night we were playing, and when I would stop he would want to play more.  He would show us the sign for "more", which was AMAZING to see.  Ian and I were so excited to see him communicating with us!

Tantrums- Max didn't have one, but he witnessed a little girl at Target having one because she wanted toothpaste.  Yes toothpaste.  She was crying, screaming, and yelling at her mom.  Max was just watching her.  He was kind of in shock and awe of this little girl who I'm assuming he was trying to flirt with, but she didn't even notice.  Her poor mom kept apologizing, and I told her not to worry.  I worry the day that happens with Max.  I think the little girl's mom handled it well, but if it were me I'm not sure how I would handle it.  Guess we'll be finding out soon enough!!

Throwing- Max just can't break this habit yet.  He's throwing everything.  When you see him you're like, "Aw this cute little boy is going to throw _________ (insert object)."  You're also thinking it won't go very far, but you are mistaken.  He has an arm on him, and throws not only far but HARD.   If you see him aiming at you with something in his hand, take cover!  If you get hit, you may not think he's so cute when you're cringing in pain.   We're thinking he might be a baseball player for Halloween to go with his throwing arm....maybe.

New for Mommy

Pinterest-So I think this site has been around for awhile, but I just sign up for it a couple days ago.  Oh my goodness!  I'm officially obsessed!!  It has so many great things.  Already I have made 2 recipes from there, and both have turned out great!  If you have no clue what I'm talking about, check it out!!

Nov. 6th- The day is quickly approaching and what should happen?  I have a broken pinkie toe.  Last week I was wearing my flip flops at work, and one of my students stepped on my foot 3 times.  The same kid, THREE TIMES.  So yeah...that hurt.  Same day I'm walking around the classroom and I jammed my already hurt toes into the bottom of one of my kiddo's shoes.  How this happened, I don't know, but it did.  It hurt so bad I had to remember I was in a classroom full of children and I didn't want to scare them with inappropriate language.   My poor little toe is bruised, swollen, and just weird looking.  I have it taped up and I'm wearing shoes now, but no running for two weeks.  WTH?  I'm going to die when Nov. 6th comes around.  I will be crawling passed the finish line.  Not how I pictured my first half marathon.  Boo!

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