Our Saturday

There once was a time when Max loved bath time.  He would giggle, splash, play with toys, and he would be the happiest and cleanest little boy.  Now he's so over baths and loves showers.  When he sees the shower going, he tries to climb in diaper and all!  He'll start babbling and acting like a crazy person!  It's pretty entertaining to watch. :)

I want to take a shower!!

You don't have to help.  I can get it myself Mommy!

We went to a hockey game tonight.  It's the last preseason game before the home opener next Saturday.  Max had a grand ole' time!  He was flirting up a storm with the woman behind us, who happened to be there with her husband, but that didn't stop Max.  We are so going to have trouble with this little guy when he's older....eak! When he wasn't flirting he did watch the game.  He was a good boy!

Umm...Howler isn't coming over here is he Mommy? 

Are we in our right seats? 

Mommy...I really don't think we're in our seats.

Yay!  We scored!

Mommy...really is Howler coming over here?

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