Paci Fairy

I think we will soon be sending his pacifier to the Paci Fairy.  ;)

Ummm...Mommy I don't think the puck should go into our goal.

Most pictures we take of Max these days has his lovely paci.  We're trying to only give it to Max when he's fussy, but the kid loves his paci.  We need to stick to our plan though, because having the paci be the main thing you notice in his pictures isn't so cute.

I know I'm jinxing myself by talking about how good Max is at hockey games, but I can't help it!  He's so good!  We have another game tonight, and Max is ready to cheer on our Yotes!  He really does watch the game, and will clap and be a fan.  Last game he did clap for the wrong team, but he's learning. :)

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my toe.  It's still hurting, especially when I wear shoes.  Flip flops are a-ok, but anything else cause some p-a-i-n.  The doctor confirmed that my toe is "funny looking", but he doesn't care about my toe.  (I care) He sent me for x-rays and I will find out today if I have to wear a boot.  I hope I don't!  Shallow thought, but my clothes don't exactly go with a boot.  Boo!  Guess we shall see......

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