Ian and I are not the best planners when it comes to Halloween.  There are those parents who have their kiddo's costume picked out weeks or months before it's actually needed.  We're more of a get the costume the night before it's needed kind of parents.  Next year we'll be better...maybe.

This year, well last night, we liked the Superman costume.  Max can't argue with us yet and tell us no, so Superman he gets to be!  He loved his cape.  He ran around the house with it today playing.  It was beyond cute and I was chasing him with my phone.  When it came time to put the actual costume on, he wasn't having it!  He cried and tried to pull it off.  I guess his calling is not to be a superhero.

When he was finally dressed we go outside to go to the car, and he stops and points up to the sky.  He looked like he was about to fly off and go save the world from danger.  Most likely he was pointing at the birds flying around, but we'll pretend it was because he wanted to fly. ;)  We went to the Coyotes game early because they had a Trick-Or-Suite night for the kiddos.  Max got a Yotes pillowcase and we walked around the suite level and got some yummy candy from strangers.  Max was more interested in the kiddos dressed up, then the candy.  I, on the other hand, was interested in what type of candy they were giving to us. (I mean Max)

I can hardly wait until the words "Trick-or-Treat!" come out of Max's mouth. :)

I think he'll be playing with his cape for days to come.

Mommy, I'm a superhero. Stop chasing me.

Uhh...I think I should go help the neighbor...maybe.

This superhero is cheering for his team.

Where is my candy?

I will go make sure that the Kings fans aren't causing any trouble.

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