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I have officially become one of those people who asked for votes on facebook.  Bleh!  There are few things in life that I become obsessed with.  When I was in elementary school, it was Sweet Valley Twins.  I was convinced I had a twin out somewhere in the world.  When I was in 9th grade it was NSYNC.  I had every magazine, taped tv show, and cd.  I thought I would love Justin f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  When I was pregnant it was jalapenos.  I could eat them every day on everything.  Now..it's Top Baby Blogs.  I know I'll never be #1, but I love checking to see what number my blog is at.   You might find it lame, but I love knowing that people enjoy reading my stories, thoughts, and complaints.  I love even more when they vote for me and my blog climbs the trendy baby ladder.   Oh the little things that keep me entertained. :) 

I was the featured blog.  There may have been some yells
of excitement, and running for my phone to take a picture.  My
husband may have thought I was a crazy person, but I'm the featured blog,
so in the baby blog world that makes me cool!!

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