Hockey Stick

Yesterday was the home opener for the Yotes, and they were playing the Winnipeg Jets.  Those of you who follow hockey, know that the Yotes are the original Jets.  I have to say before the game I was nervous about the Canadian fans that were making their way here to see their team play.  Being that most people who live here are from other places we've encountered some mean fans....or obnoxious fans.  Luckily, I have a little cutie with me so how could any Jets fans be mean to us??  I was worried for nothing!  The Jets fans were a little loud, but the Yotes shut them up real quick by scoring on them right away.  It was pretty much awesome!  Max was great, and behaved.  He was clapping for his favorite hockey team and making friends with the people around us.

Before the game started the guys skated out through flames on either side of them.  Max kind of freaked out with the flames.  He was crying/laughing, but really he was just scared!  Poor guy.  Once the flames were done with, he was back to his happy ole' self.   The game started at 4:00, so it was early when the game was over.  We went to Yardhouse with some friends.  By that time Max was a squirmy worm, but our waiter was amazing and brought Max his food out really quick.  Once he had food in his tummy he was happy....for awhile.  We ended up leaving before everyone else, and once Max was in the car he was out before we were on the road. 

Today he's been obsessed with hockey...well his hockey stick!  He's been hitting his blocks with his stick, posing with it behind his head, whacking tables, and just being dangerous with it!  I try and stay away when he's playing with it, because he will hit me.  :) 

Watch out toys!

I want to play hockey like Doan.

Yotes being introduced to over 17,000 fans.

Coyotes vs Jets....Yotes go on to win 4-1. Awesome!!

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