Family Picture

I have to take pictures again Mommy?

Last night we went to JcPenny to take our family pictures for Christmas cards.  We started off with individual pictures of Max.  That boy loves the camera.  He was pretty much awesome.  That and the photographer was really good.  She moved quickly and Max only had one breakdown, because he was just so excited to see his Daddy and wanted to be held    There was one pose where I had to put on these sleeves and white gloves to act like Santa.  She had me working!  When we took our family pictures, he was a rock star and smiled up a storm.  Ian did a great job too. :)   They sucker you in when purchasing the packages.  We stuck to our guns though and just bought what we were there for...of course forgetting to buy a family photo for us!!  They turned out really great though, and I'm so excited to be sending them off in the mail! 


Picture Day

Happy Monday!!  Today is a picture kind of day.  Max had pictures at school, and tonight we're going to get family pictures taken for Christmas cards.   I'm determined to send out Christmas cards this year, and to send them out before Christmas!! :)


Max's Feast

Max had his first Thanksgiving where he was able to enjoy all the yumminess the day had to offer, and enjoy he did!! 

Max's plate with the works.

These mashed potatoes are really good!

I can't believe I missed all this yumminess last year!

One of the homemade pumpkin pies. Ah-mazing!

Our day was spent with Jakub, Melanie, food, and football.  It was perfect.  Our feast was "solid" as Ian would say.  I think our parents would all be proud of our spread.  We had deep fried turkey, which I was a little hesitant about.  It was sooo good!  We also had mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, rolls, stuffing, pumpkin pie.  Mmmm...I'm getting hungry as I type!

Later that night I went and saw Breaking Dawn.  I love the Twilight series.   I remember getting the books for Christmas and spending the next four days reading all the books.  Then I reread them.  Crazy?  Maybe, but I love them.  When people make movies of books that you love, I find you tend to be disappointed.  Books are always better than the movie.   In the Twilight series I'm not expecting the movies to be better than the books, but I have enjoyed seeing the books come to life.  Surprisingly Breaking Dawn was no disappointment! I thought it was really good.  :)  If you haven't read the books, go read them!

Today Max and I are going to the Coyotes game.  We might venture out to some stores today, but people are usually scary mean today, and I don't know if I want Max to see that. :) Ha! Really though, I don't know if I want to deal with any of the craziness. 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, and if you were brave enough to go out for Black Friday remember to be nice!


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!

This time last year Max was just 3 months old.  His Thanksgiving meal consisted of formula.  Yuck.  This year he gets to actually have his first Thanksgiving meal.  Now that deserves a big Yum-O!!  We know that it's not just about the food, but Max doesn't know that yet.  We'll just let him enjoy all the yumminess this day has to offer. :)

So I thought of making this big thankful blog, but really I don't want to get too sappy.  I will just say that I am so very THANKFUL for my family and friends.  All of you mean so much to me, and I'm so blessed that you are in my life.  We may not talk all the time, but know that I think of you. You all are also in Max's life now, so that means something.   :) 

Enjoy your day with family and friends!! 

P.S. Thanks for reading my blog.


Bad Day

Oh my poor Max.  He has pink eye.  In not one, but BOTH eyes.  Sad.  Putting drops in his eyes is torture, not only for him but me because he kicks.  It's less of a challenge when Ian's here and he can hold him down.  That's not the bad day part.  He was playing last night and he slipped and fell down.  He was crying and Ian was calming him down.  There was blood.  I then freaked out and we took him to the bathroom to clean him up. We got him into his pjs and he was our happy little man.  Then somehow Ian noticed that Max chipped his tooth!  His poor, tiny front tooth is now missing a piece from it.  We both freaked out and didn't know what to do.  I, of course, called the one person who knows all.  My mom.  I was in tears and was just feeling awful.  My poor baby!  By this time Max is playing and having a grand ole' time like nothing happened.  My little man....he's such a good baby.  He lost half his tooth and you wouldn't know by looking at him. 

We took him to the doctor for his eyes, and turns out his throat is red.  The doc put him on antibiotics.  Ayyy!  Then we went to the dentist.  I think he was scared of the mask, but he didn't want anything to do with him.  The dentist said that there isn't really anything to do for him at this age.  We'll have to go back when he's 2 or 3.  He did leave there with a Cars toothbrush and big boy toothpaste.  :)

Now he's napping and I still can't shake that awful feeling...I don't want Max to have to go to the doctors again for a long while.  Sheeesh!

Waiting to see the dr. for his little eyes.

Max's first trip to the dentist...if only it was for a cleaning.

Hmm...I might bite you!


Tickle Tickle

Random Max fact of the day:  Max's most ticklish spot...his hands!  We always  have a good laugh when we tickle him.   It's adorable to hear him giggle.  :) 


Book Worm

My mom brought this book for Max awhile back, and yesterday he had so much fun playing with it.  The main character is named Max, so I love that!  It has different wooden faces that you put on Max's body that tells how he is feeling.  My Max doesn't understand that yet, but he loved putting the faces on the body.  He of course put them on upside down, or crooked, but he got that he had to put them in the empty spot.  It was pretty exciting to watch.  He's a smart boy. ;)

Happy Friday!!



Who needs toys when you have socks?  Max thinks it's so funny when I take his socks and put it on my hand and make it into a sock monster.  The monster tries to bite his nose, his tummy, and tickles him.  He laughs up a storm.  It's lovely to hear.  :)

The scary, scary sock monster.

Hmm...this monster doesn't look so scary.

No, don't tickle me!!

Ahh, you got me!

You're so funny Mommy!

A lot of friends from facebook are doing this 30 day challenge thing where every day they list something they are thankful for.  I was planning on doing a BIG thankful blog on Thanksgiving...well I still am, but today I wanted to say something I'm thankful for.  I'm beyond thankful for my eyes.  They might not be so good, and I cry over the problems I've had with them, but every day I get to see my beautiful boy.  I can't tell you how jealous I am of those who don't have to wear glasses or contacts.  Those that won't ever have to go to a retina specialist.  Those that can see perfectly from both of their eyes.  Yup, I'm soooo jealous of you people.  God blessed me with the eyes I have, and I can't do much about it, but be thankful that eye can see.  (You like that? :)  haha!)  So when you wake up in the morning, be thankful that you get to see all the beautiful things in your life. 


B Words

Max is starting to say more words.  In the past few days he's said: baby, bye bye, puck, wa-wa, ball, boo, boom...he has a thing for B words.  He's been calling Ian "Da", well it's more like "Daaaaaaaaa". 

Max's tantrums are also getting more like I-can't-believe-my-kid-is-doing-this tantrum.  We went to Happy Hour on Friday and we're sitting there and Max was upset about something and he picked up both hands and then slammed them on the table.  Hard.  THEN when he was finished with his food, he picked up the plate and thew it.  It hit another plate on our table and startled Ian.  Funny, but not really.  At home when he gets mad he'll throw himself down on the floor and bang his hands.  How do kids learn this?  It's not like Ian and I are having tantrums.  We may want to at times, but I can honestly say we do not throw ourselves down and bang on the floor.  When Max does this it kind of shocks me.  I never know what to do either.  I don't pick him up.  I just let him cry and usually after a few seconds he'll stop, but still.  How do toddlers get out of throwing tantrums?  I only pray he doesn't have a full out tantrum in public.  Wishful thinking, I know. :)


Many Faces of Max

Umm..I'm bored Mommy.

Gasp! We're going where?


Max and I went on a jog/walk after we got home today.  It was a bit chilly out (which I love), so I made sure Max was warm.  He was so cozy I for sure that he was going to fall asleep, but this nosy boy was awake the whole time.  I, of course, took this opportunity to take picture of my little man.  He never disappoints with his many faces.  :) 


So Ready!

I went to my fave store (Target) today after picking up Max.  We walked in and went to check out the Halloween stuff that's 90% off.  We passed Christmas decorations and Max went crazy!  He was so excited with the lights and music. Ah! Makes me so excited for Christmas! Back to Halloween...I found not one but two costumes for Max when he's older.  Score!  No more waiting until the day before Halloween to get his costume.  I'll be shopping the week after Halloween! 

Another I bought was snack that Max loves.  I saw on one of the blogs I follow that she gives her daughter, who is a couple months older than Max, those Gerber squeezable pouches. We bought one for him yesterday to take tailgating.  1. Max loved it. 2. It's super easy to take anywhere. 3. Max can feed himself and not get messy.  If it makes Max happy, it makes this mama happy! 

Quick funny story.  Well I found it funny, but you might not.  I'll share anyway!  I went to pick up Max today for his school and I walked into his room.  I looked all over and didn't see him there.  I even asked his teacher where he was!  I looked down and Max was there with raised arms, wanting to be picked up.  I forgot we cut his hair!  He looks so different!  That won't happen again! 

Mmm..this is so good Mommy!

His costumes.  I'm so ready for next year! 


I went to my first NFL game when I was 23ish...or around there.  I can't remember the exact year.  Max went to his first NFL game yesterday.  We started off with tailgating, where Ian and I failed at getting ready for this activity.  We did not bring his stroller or any toys for him to play with.  Fail, fail, FAIL.  We gave him a taste of freedom by letting him run around.  He LOVED this and went to other peoples tailgates and tried to charm them with his smile.   Didn't work too well because we were surrounded by Cardinals or Rams fans and he was wearing his Steelers onesie.  :)  Sorry, but I just couldn't dress him in Cardinals gear...

We went into the game and Max fell asleep.  I shouldn't have expected any different, because Max always sleeps through his first time encounters, concert, hockey game, as so on.  He slept through the first half and then woke up ready to play.  He had no interest what so ever in the football game.  Honestly, neither did I.  It was a boring game.  We left right after the 3rd quarter, and wouldn't you know the game took an exciting turn.  Oh well.  Max had much more fun playing at home. :)

We had no toys, but we found an unopened toothbrush that
Ian had gotten from his dentist.  Max had so much fun brushing
his teeth, and pulling it out which caused his spit to fly out
with it.  He laughed, and I kept saying "Ewww!!"  It was great. :)



Today we finally cut Max's hair.  :(  I liked him with his curly hair.  Yes, it was getting a bit long and it was a mess most of the time, but it was curly and cute.  He had "hockey" hair.   He was a super star while getting his hair cut.  He was babbling and so flippin' adorable.  With all his curls gone, he looks so grown up.  Very sharp as Ian likes to say.  :) 

Oh those curls... 
Mommy...what did you do to my hair?

Max Facts
-Bubbles.  Max loves playing with bubbles.  I know I think everything he does is cute, but watching him get excited when a bubble floats to him.  It's beyond cute.  He loves bubbles so much though that all day today he's been saying "bubbles".  He'll say it over and over again.
-Run.  Well really it's him just walking really fast.  Since this speed walking has started, he's been falling a lot more.  With falling comes bumps and bruises.  My poor little man.  He needs to learn to slow down!
-"Step-stool".  Max has this soother machine that's circle shape.  He loves it, and recently figured out that if he stands on it he is taller.  Ian found him stepping on it, trying to get in the shower this morning.  Yikes!! 
-Candy.  Ian and I don't like to give Max candy or anything that he doesn't really need.  He is only one, and call me crazy, but I don't want him all sugared out.  With Halloween and his trick or treating, I thought he could have a taste of the yummy goodness we call chocolate.  I gave him a bite of a Kit Kat, and he loved it! (just like his Mommy)  :)


Mission Possible

Is it just me or do you find it ridiculously crazy how fast the months go by?  It's already November!  Where the heck did October go?  Another thing that I find ridiculously crazy is how once Halloween has come and gone it's all about Christmas.  What about Thanksgiving?  You go to Target and all the Christmas decorations, cards, bags, stocking are on display.  At Starbucks the red cups are out and peppermint flavor is back. (This I LOVE and wish it was all year!)  I always say it, but I just can't believe how fast time goes by.  I remember being in elementary school thinking that the days would last f-o-r-e-v-e-r.  I would always tell myself, "I can't wait until I'm a grown-up."  Now I'm a grown-up and I would like time to slow down.  Just a little....

This month is busy.  We have 6 hockey games, Math Night (oh joy), and I have my eye appointment which I always stress out about going to.  I always expect the worse when it comes to my eyes.  Blah I hate these appointments!  This is what I have written down on my calendar.  No telling what other things we add to our to do list.

One thing we for sure need to do is start Christmas shopping early!  Y'know how I said we wait last minute for Halloween?  Umm..that's usually how we are for ALL holidays and birthdays.  It's terrible.  I know this,  Ian knows this, and I think our families know this.  Sad.   So it is my mission that I get Christmas cards and gifts to family and friends out in the mail BEFORE Christmas.  I can do it!!

Happy November!  I hope this month doesn't go by too fast for you. ;)